Assessments and Exams

IB courses are assessed through internal and external assessments.  Internal assessments are typically graded by the teacher and then sent to the IB for moderation. External assessments are typically graded by the IB only. Below are the calendars for the internal assessments and May examinations.

  • Internal Assessment Calendar 2017-18:  Provides due dates for internal assessments to be turned in to your teacher.  These due dates are earlier than the IB submission deadline because your teacher needs time to grade your work.
  • The schedule of IB examinations will be posted in January.  IB examinations will take place May 2-18, 2018.
  • KFHS Calendar of Tests and Projects:  The following calendars (separated by grade level) are the Google calendars of tests and projects students have in each of their IB or Pre-Diploma courses.  This calendar is dynamic and will be changed often by the teachers.  Our policy is that students will not have more than 2 tests (in IB courses) on a single day.  Projects may be due on the same day as a test or tests as students have ample time to plan when to complete their projects.  Only projects that count as test grades are on these calendars:




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