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Congratulations on your decision to pursue the IB diploma here at King’s Fork High School.  Below you will find information that will assist you as you progress through our program.

Assessment Calendars

The IB Assessment Calendars contains KFHS due dates for all IB required assessments, including:  internal assessments, oral presentations, extended essays, CAS requirement deadlines, etc.  Please find below the assessment calendars for the seniors and juniors:

The KFHS IB exam schedule will be posted in February 2019.  All exams are in May 2019.

The cohort calendars are Google calendars of all test and project due dates for IB or pre-diploma courses for your cohort.  You can subscribe to these calendars in your calendar app.

Handbook and Policy Statements

  • King’s Fork High School IB Program Handbook (Updated version to be posted soon)–This document contains information on IB courses and curricula at King’s Fork.  It also details our policies in regard to academic progress, academic honesty, principled behavior. etc.
  • KFHS IB Honor Code:  The honor code that all students in our IB program agree to adhere to.
  • Assessment Policy:  Details our policies on how students are assessed and how their grades are determined.
  • Principled Behavior:  Establishes policies regarding student behavior and consequences for inappropriate behavior.
  • Language Policy:  Policies regarding the importance of language in the learning process, including the importance of acquiring a second language.

Extended Essay and CAS

Please follow the links in the menu on the right side of this page for more information about completing the required components of the extended essay and CAS.

Summer Assignments

A list of summer assignments for all Pre-Diploma and Diploma Program courses can be found here.

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