PALs Testing

All of third grade is administering the PALs test for all third graders this week – January 7 – 11.

Parent Teacher Conference

Don’t forget that Friday is Parent Teacher Conference Day!!!!


Don’t forget we have our first Family Reading Night tonight and PTA! Starts at 6pm! See you there!!! :)
Don’t forget NO SCHOOL tomorrow, Tuesday, November 6th.

Benchmark Tests this Week!

We are taking out Social Studies Benchmark Test today, Monday, November 5th and our Science Benchmark Test Friday, November 9th.

Reading Benchmark Test

Our reading benchmark test is this Tuesday, first thing in the morning!

Please take time to remind your child of their reading strategies to help them. It is on the computer so remind them to look back into the passage. :)

Math Benchmark Test

The end of nine weeks math benchmark test is this Friday!!!

Midpoint Tests

We have three midpoint tests this week:

Tuesday: Social Studies
Wednesday: Reading
Friday: Writing

Objectives for the Month of October

Science: 3.1 Scientific Investigation and 3.3 Matter
Social Studies: 3.3 Explorers, 1.3 Columbus Day, 2.5b Rivers, Mountains, and Lakes
Math: 3.4a Addition and Subtraction, 3.11/12 ab telling time to the minute, elapsed time, and equivalent periods of time
Reading: 3.5 Fiction, 3.6 Nonfiction, 3.4 Context Clues

Science Midpoint Test

We have tentatively scheduled the science midpoint test for Tuesday, Oct 2nd. It will only cover simple machines. We will confirm by tomorrow.

PTA meeting

PTA meeting this TUESDAY, October 2nd! Come on out at 6:00 and if you haven’t joined yet, now is a great time!