Archive 15-16 Photo Gallery

Archived Activities from the 2015-2016 school year

Kindergarten Kickoff

Kindergarten teachers at Hillpoint Elementary introduced parents of rising Kindergarteners to the world of Kindergarten by sharing a power point presentation and video.  Rising Kindergarteners also received an introduction to the Kindergarten experience by listening to a Dr. Suess story and participating in a craft.


Dr. Seuss Family Reading Night

Hillpoint had it’s annual Family Reading Night centered around the Dr. Suess theme.  Teachers and students came dressed in their Dr. Suess attire, and after pizza and a brief PTA meeting, each grade level participated in a Dr. Suess read-aloud and craft before dispersing to the media center for independent reading and AR testing.  All students left with a brand new book to add to their home libraries!


Therapy Dogs and Dr. Seuss

Mrs. Bouchard and her therapy dog Scout were at Hillpoint Elementary School in honor of Dr. Seuss’s Birthday.  She read two stories and spoke to students about different jobs therapy dogs do for people.  The children loved the visit and look forward to them retuning back to Hillpoint soon. Scout loved all of the hugs and attention that she received from Hillpoint students!


Girl Scout Positivity

Hillpoint Girl Scouts presented the principal with “posters of positivity”  in hopes of getting approval to display them in the school to promote school civility.  Our Girl Scouts are wonderful community role models!


 Sweetheart Dance

Over 240 parents and students attended Hillpoint’s Sweetheart Dance! Families enjoyed a delicious dinner and plenty of dancing! Given by the Hillpoint PTA, the Sweetheart dance was a chance for parents and students to come together and celebrate a night of food, dancing, and community.  Thank you to everyone who made it a huge success!!



Hillpoint’s Fifth grade students and parents dedicated a bench to the school in memory of HES volunteer, George Scheer.


On Track with Data

Hillpoint teacher, Mrs. Roberts, has a lot to celebrate after her fourth grade students analyze their reading and math growth from the first nine weeks to the second nine weeks!

Colonial Life

The 4th grade students participated in a Colonial Life Outreach through the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation.  This hands-on experience gave students the opportunity to understand what everyday life was like for Colonial Virginians.

Alligator Starts with A

In recognition of things that begin with the letter A sound, a student in Mrs. Joyner’s Early Start class at Hillpoint, presents the head of an alligator to the class for show and tell.  An apple is not the only thing that begins with an A sound!

Custodian Appreciation

Hillpoint custodians were treated to a one hour lunch with office staff, among other special treats from various staff teams for Custodian Appreciation!


4th Grade Musical

The Fourth Grade Class presented “A Multicultural Celebration of the Season” to parents at theDecember 8th PTA meeting.  The performance was directed by Mrs. Webb, Hillpoint’s music teacher.  The fourth grade teachers also played an integral part in helping Mrs. Webb make the performance a success.  Students received a standing ovation from parents at the conclusion of this stellar performance!

Food Lion Math Night 

Hillpoint’s Food Lion math night was a blast!  Thank you to all the families and staff members who came out on a chilly night to make it a success!  We had so much fun exploring Food Lion and learning about how math is everywhere.  We want to thank Food Lion for providing the materials and time for our families to learn and explore together.


Night Out 

On December 17th, for only $5, parents were able to leave their students at school until 6:30 p.m. in order to finish their holiday shopping while students enjoyed an evening of fun and holiday activities; all money raised will be donated to the Suffolk Education Foundation.  Students played games in the gym, created pop-up Winter Wonderland cards for friends and family, made edible reindeer, and enjoyed a healthy snack and movie.  We would like to thank the wonderful teacher and parent volunteers that made this event possible!

Community Walk 

Hillpoint teachers and staff organized a community wellness walk in the Colander Bishop Housing Community to promote the importance of a healthy mind and body on November 17th from 4:45-5:30 p.m.  Families enjoyed a mile walk with glow sticks and two volunteer Suffolk police officers ensuring safety due to the lack of sunlight and sidewalks!  After the walk, everyone received a healthy snack, parents had the opportunity to sign up for parent-teacher conferences, and a ticket drawing was held that ended with SEVEN lucky families going home with their Thanksgiving turkey!


Hillpoint Represents at GAFE

Hillpoint teachers represented at the GAFE Summit!

4th Grade Math Review

Mrs. Roberts’ fourth grade class enjoyed “Benchmark Scoot” to review for their Math nine week test. Students rotated from station to station to solve math problems they were taught in the first nine weeks.  Student’s had to justify their answers.

Mrs. Hutching’s fourth grade class made different shapes on the geoboards to review for their upcoming math benchmark test.Students had to explain whether their shape was a pentagon, hexagon, hectagon or more.

Pre-K Cotton Investigation

Mrs. Joyner’s Early Start class investigated the parts of cotton plants at Hillpoint. They talked about the roots, the boll, the pods, the cotton, the seeds, a cotton gin and what it does, and stuff made from cotton.  Students were amazed to see the type of plant that helps to make their clothing.

Grandparents Week

Grandparents and Parents at Hillpoint Elementary School enjoyed a wonderful week of celebrating and visiting with their Husky friends.

Grandparent’s Tea

Kindergarten students at Hillpoint invited their Grandparents for afternoon tea on Friday, October 23.  Many Grandparents attended this special annual event.  All in attendance enjoyed the yummy butter cookies and pink lemonade.

Math in PE

Ms. Sollers’ P.E. class at Hillpoint practiced subtraction by playing “Guess My Card”.  Two students would draw a card and place on their forehead.  The third person would add the two cards and give the answer.  The two students would then take the answer and subtract the card # they could see on the other person’s forehead.  The first person to give the correct answer of their own card would win.  The other person would then roll the dice, add the two numbers from the dice together and find the sum on the exercise sheet.  The student would then stand and do that exercise.  The students loved this!

Ms. Sollers P.E. class practiced their multiplication tables by playing Rock- Paper-Scissors. The students would find a partner and on the fourth count would throw finger numbers out.  The two numbers then had to be multiplied by each student. The first student to say the answer to the problem was the winner.  The winner would run to the finish line and do 5 sit-ups.  The other person had to find a new partner and start all over.

Solar System Creations

Fourth grade students at Hillpoint Elementary have been exploring outer space.  Students were given the task to creative and design the solar system.  Teachers were amazed with their displays.

Kindergarten Stem Activity

STEM in Kindergarten at Hillpoint Elementary.The students designed and created shapes using marshmallows and toothpicks.  Hillpoint’s Gifted Teacher assissted with the activity.

Disability Awareness Month

Hillpoint’s Principal Catherine Pichon spent the day in a wheel chair to support Disabilities Awareness month.  Mrs. Pendleton, the Bookkeeper, dressed as “the miracle worker nurse” for United Way Career day.  She enjoyed pushing her disabled Principal to her meetings.

Edible Cells

Fifth grade student’s at Hillpoint are studying plant and animal cells.  Students made edible cells from graham crackers, icing, M&Ms, jelly beans and Twizzlers.  Each food item represented a different cell part.  After creating the cells, each student made a Venn diagram to identify the similarities and differences in the two cells.  Finally, the best part—eating the cells!


United Way 

Students and Staff raised money for United Way by celebrating Spirit Week.  Each day students and staff were allowed to dress in a fun way if they made a small donation.  One day was mix-match day, crazy hat and hair day, career day, Jersey day and Green/Gold Day. Great participation!

Seasonal Fashion Show

Student’s in Mrs. Lewis’ first grade class have been learning about the four seasons.  Every season needs different outfit, and Mrs. Lewis’ students are ready for anything!  They enjoyed having a “Seasonal Fashion Show” with runway music and a commentator.

Family Engineering Night K-2

Students in grades K-2 participated in the second annual Family Engineering Night at Hillpoint on October 13.  The evening began with dinner served by the PTA and stations in the gym which explained how engineering affects our daily lives.  After a PTA meeting, students reported to the classroom that corresponded to their grade in order to participate in an SOL related engineering activity.  Kindergarteners build a house for the 4th little pig, 1st graders made a trap to catch a gingerbread man, and second graders created parachutes.


Dr. Seuss Celebrations

Mrs. Johnson’s Kindergarten students celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday in numerous ways. They read the book The Lorax and enjoyed several activities that related to many other Dr. Seuss books.


Ready, Set, Grow

Ready, Set, Grow!  The Suffolk Master Gardeners shared with Hillpoint’s first grade students information about 5 different plant parts (fruit, flower,stem, root and leaf).  Each student was given a sunflower seed to plant in a dixie cup.  Students will experiment and track which types of climate the seeds will grow best.