List Test

Welcome to the PortaPress test page.

To use PortaPress:

  1. Login to your dashboard
  2. Click Plugins
  3. Find PortaPress in the list and click the Activate link
  4. Create a new page or post
    1. Give it any title that you like
    2. Type [portapress] into the content area (see examples below for more options)
    3. Click Publish
  5. Click Manage, then links
  6. Click add new
  7. Fill out the link details
    • Enter the Name, Web Address, and Categories
    • Optionally enter the Description and Image Address (Advanced)
  8. repeat steps 6 & 7 for each link


  • categorize=
    • 1 = Sort by category
    • 0 = no categories
  • category_name=
    • Show only links in specified category
  • show_description=
    • 1 = Show descriptions after link
    • 0 = Don’t show descriptions
  • show_images=
    • 1 = Show images
    • 0 = Don’t show images
  • title_li=


Show all links only (no images) by category
[portapress show_images=0]

Show one big list(All categories) with descriptions
[portapress categorize=0 show_description=1]

  • 123VC Jazzing up your curriculum with videoconferencing
  • Berrien County ISD VC Program Database This database contains programs from content providers such as zoos and museums that offer ISDN or IP based videoconferencing.
  • Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC) supports and advances education through videoconferencing and other collaborative technologies. A nonprofit, CILC offers access to quality professional development and student educational conten
  • NASA Digital Learning Network Free, interactive programs allow you and your students to learn more about our home planet and the universe beyond through video-conferencing and Web casts. Students of all ages can participate in live events featuring NASA experts and education special
  • SOFA
  • Suffolk Public Schools Suffolk Public Schools Web Site Suffolk Public Schools Web Site
  • Two Way Interactive Connections in Education (TWICE)
  • VMware Virtualization via Hypervisor
  • WPMU Let your imagination multiply

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