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The helpdesk has received quite a few calls this morning from users claiming that their computers are running very slow. I did a little snooping around and noticed that Windows Desktop Search had been installed on most of our computers over the past few days. I knew for certain that we hadn’t deployed this software, as it is a major resource hog. I did a little Googling to figure out what was up and soon realized that we were not the only Microsoft users seeing the issue. I came across 2 blog posts from the Microsoft WSUS team where they admitted that they had goofed up here and here.<br />Windows Desktop Search

To remedy this problem, I have disabled the Windows Search service on all of the computers using a group policy and used a script to remove the ‘update’. You should see that performance has returned to normal. On your next reboot, the search box will be removed from your taskbar.

EDIT: see this post for detailed instructions on removing this update from your systems

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