Altiris Helpdesk – incident is locked

Had ~40 incidents in Altiris Helpdesk that would display the following error when trying to edit:
This incident is locked for a pending update operation. It cannot be edited at this time.

To fix, run the command on the SQL database:
UPDATE workitem SET updatelock = '' WHERE updatelock = 'c'

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Atahualpa and WordPress 3.0 Multisite

I had to make two  changes in order to get the Atahualpa theme fully functioning on our newly upgraded WordPress 3 Multisite installs.

First, I used this tip from the always helpful Andrea_r to fix the missing theme options.  Open up the functions/bfa_ata_add_admin.php file and change this line:

add_theme_page("Atahualpa Options", "Atahualpa Theme Options", 'edit_themes', 'functions.php', 'bfa_ata_admin');

to this:

add_theme_page("Atahualpa Options", "Atahualpa Theme Options", 'edit_theme_options', 'functions.php', 'bfa_ata_admin');

The second issue deals with the missing per blog site custom headers.  Atahualpa determines whether it is running on WPMU or a standard WordPress install by looking for wpmu-settings.php in the root of the install.  This file no longer exist in WordPress by default.  The quick & ugly hack to get your headers to appear correctly is to create an empty wpmu-settings.php in the root of your WordPress install directory. Run these commands in the shell of your web server:

cd /vaw/www/yourWPdirectory
touch wpmu-settings.php

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HOWTO: Install VMware Tools on Server 2008 Core

Logon with an admin account to the server console

Select “Install/Upgrade VMware Tools” from the “VM” menu

Type this command in at the command prompt: <pre>msiexec /i “d:\VMware Tools.msi” /qn</pre>

Note: you may need to substitue d:\ with the correct drive letter that corresponds to your cdrom drive

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HOWTO: Disable Hibernation on Server 2008 Core

Microsoft enables hibernation on Windows Server 2008 by default.  This feature has the potential to eat up a ton of hard drive space because the OS will create a file(c:\hiberfil.sys) that is equal in size to the amount of RAM in the server. That could be bad news for a 16 or 32GB SQL server.

To disable it and reclaim your hard drive space, run this command

<code>powercfg.exe /hibernate off</code>

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HP BL460c Bios Settings for VMware ESX 3.5


Qlogic QMC2462 HBA:

  • Configuration Settings | Adapter Settings | Connection Options = 1 – Point to point only  (
  • Configuration Settings | Advanced Adapter Settings | Port Down Retry Count = 14 (SAN Config Guide)
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