March of Dimes Fundraiser March 26th – 30th


These are our March of Dimes Fundraiser activities scheduled for March 26th – 30th.

Monday: Gum Day $1.00

Tuesday: Super Hero Dress-Up Day $1.00  *No masks or props (toy weapons)

Wednesday: Hat Day $1.00  AND Wear your Shades for an additional $1.00

Thursday: Half-hour Free Time Pass – Chrome Books, board games, etc.

Friday: Pajama Day  $1.00 AND Bring your favorite stuffed animal for an additional $1.00

* Please make sure that pajamas are appropriate for school. No see-through or sheer material, shorts must be worn under any skirted attire; no spaghetti straps; and shoes must be worn for safety reasons.

Baby Tokens to display on classroom door are $1.00 each. The class with the most squares will win a delicious ice cream party!!

Pie in the Face Contest– $1.00 for each ticket to vote for a participating teacher to get a pie in the face on Field Day!!!!

 Thank you for your support!!!!