WINGS access

(Generic) Cadet Access Registration Instructions


Cadet (Joe Bagodonuts)                                                   Token:  abcDEFgHiJK1234567

To register for Cadet Access you will need the following:

  • The above token
  • An email account you can access (…
  • Access to the internet

Cadet Access registration steps are:

  • Open an internet browser and go to the Holm Center Portal using the following URL.
  • On the home page under the “JROTC” tile, click “Create JR Cadet Account.”
  • Answer the 3 question on the “Add New JROTC Cadet Account” page, hit the “Submit” button.
    • This takes you to the “Basic Identifiers” page .
  • Complete this page using the “Token” above and the email account you have access to. When completed hit the “Submit” button to go to the next screen.
  • Enter a password that you will be able to remember and select a password security question and response. When completed, hit the “Submit” button
    •  A verification email was sent to your email account with anActivation Code
    • Transfer you to an account activation page
  • On the account activation page enter the “Activation Code” emailed to you hit the “submit” button.
    • You are logged out the Holm Center portal if the correct “Activation Code”
  • Login into the Holm Center Portal homepage using your portalid (the first 30 characters of your email address) to verify your portal account works.
    • Holm Center homepage is the same as step 1a

After registration is complete, Cadet Access login steps are:

  • Login into the Holm Center portal
  • From the “JROTC Cadet homepage,” select the “Cadet Access tile.”
  • After the Cadet Access Module is open to return to the JROTC Cadet homepage select “Home” at the top right of the page