SE – uniform wear

PT Gear Replacement Costs: Shirt $10 Shorts $14

Cadet/Maj Justin Croft is the expert in standardizing our uniform wear standards. He is charged with memorizing standards from HQ Ch1, Ch7, and the cadet Handbook. He will help the Corps by discussing good/bad trends with Flt/CCs and Flt/Sgt.

Cadets start with a 100% score. Points are deducted as follows:

Gigline infraction = -5%.  All other items = -10%. Second week in a row = -20% for that item. Third week or more = -40% for that item + Letter of Counselling.

NOTE: Wearing headphones, untucking the shirt, taking the uniform off during school =  “zero” grade + Letter of Counselling.

Absent = missed uniform wear. Makeup the next Tuesday. Start at 100%.  Fail to makeup the next Tuesday = “zero.”

Civies = not in uniform.  Makeup the next Tuesday. Start at 50%. Fail to makeup the next Tuesday = “zero.”

Thought of the week (from the Cadet Handbook, page 27, section 3.4.): Shoulder Cords (aiguillettes): To be worn on the short sleeve shirt and service coat only. Worn on the left shoulder and designated for the following: Gold: Group CC; White: Deputy/CC ; Red: Squadron CCs (x4) ; Red/White: Flight CCs (x 5) ; Black: Drill Team (during competition) ; Silver: Color Guard (during events)