CLC 2016

Cadet Leadership Course — Langley AFB, VA.  27 June – 1 July. Four high school AFJROTC units participate in this cadet run program. It’s a cadet run course and a “light version” of a military boot camp. Cadets formed up on 27 June, at Menchville High School where they were split into flights and were introduced to their cadet cadre leaders. Cadets had a PT test, lunch, then formed up for the bus ride to Langley AFB.  Cadets returned to Menchville HS on Friday, 1 July, at 10:00, for an awards ceremony.

Each day cadets will woke up at 04:30, marched, lead the 30 step drill sequence, had daily uniform and room inspections, and competed in flight activities. Highlights included the Fort Eustis obstacle course and shadowing an active duty, Langley AFB Airman.

NRHS cadet flight commanders: Joshua Graf, Colin Kirkpatrick, and Emily Wheeler.

NRHS basic cadets:  Jeffery Boone (PT Award winner), James Godfrey, Kayla Burnell, Mary Hagberg, Noah Jump, Jacob McCarley, Nathaniel Nevarez, Anthony Quigley, and Azzanni Sparrow.

—————————This weeks photos—————————

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