Stan Eval – PT

The  objectives for PT are TEAM WORK and GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP.

Stan/Eval (Cadet/Capt Shyann Flores) responsible for standardizing group PT rules, prepared to referee and train referees, sets the standards for all stretching exercises, planning out our 2 x Field Days. 

PT Fridays consist of: ~10 minute stretch, 5 x 1 minute exercises (with 15 second rest between), and a group game.  Alternately the five, PFT events start right after stretching. Group games – teams should be selected randomly (i.e. not picking the best players first).  

Unsportsmanlike conduct is NOT tolerated. Unsportsmanlike conduct is grounds for a penalty, benching, or permanent ejection from the game.   This includes:

1. Abusive language or gestures

2. Baiting actions, taunting or words (smack talk)

3. Intentionally kicking, shoving, hitting, or swinging an arm or fist at other player

4. Failing to place the ball or flag, after if becomes dead, on the ground or immediately return it to a nearby official

5. Spiking the ball or throwing the ball away from the field of play



Presidential Physical Fitness Standards (Health and Wellness ribbon). Cadets who average 50% or better on the 5 PFT events receive this ribbon. Bronze Star for 75%, Silver 85%, Gold 95%   Presidential Fitness Exercise Charts

____________________(Group RULES)______________________

Capture the Cone        Flag Football         Dodgeball             Ultimate Frisbee

Water Tennis                Kickball                   Soccer                 Sharks and Minnows


Indoor Workout Routines        USAF Fitness (First two weeks)

“FIT FOR DUTY”Conditioning      Air Force Academy – PT exam