NASCAR Xfinity race – Color Guard (11 Sept, 2021)

A 5 cadet, Color Guard team performed at Richmond Raceway for the “GO BOWLING 250” XFINITY NASCAR race on Sat, 11 Sept. The presentation will occur between (2 – 2:10pm), just before the race begins. Cadet’s Trey Williams, Angela and Anastasia Grund, Evan Chambers, and Jasmin Lynch received 3 hours each community service for their efforts.

See more photo’s and short videos from the event HERE.

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Mission:“Develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community”

Our Core Values:  are grounded in the Air Force core values of integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do. The curriculum emphasizes Air Force heritage and traditions, the development of flight, applied flight sciences, cultural studies, aviation history, communication skills, life skills, and leadership.

AFJROTC is a general elective course.  Uniform wear, grooming standards in uniform, and community service participation is required. Our daily classroom curriculum can be broken down as follows:

  • 40% Aerospace Science study
  • 40% Leadership Education study, including mandatory drill practice (marching)
  • 20% Physical Fitness & Wellness practice (normally group PT every other Friday)

 Level                               # of Cadets               In-Class Academics

ROTC 1 (1st Yr)                     75 max            Aviation history/ Leadership studies

ROTC 2 (2nd Yr )                   50 max           Communication / Aircraft + Navigation

ROTC 3 & 4 (combined)    25 Max         Service projects / Career plans/ Space Exploration

As in all organizations, earning a place at the higher levels of the cadet corps are competitive.  Each cadet is evaluated weekly on his/her leadership potential. Weekly uniform wear, self-discipline, and community service participation greatly determine who is offered a spot in JROTC next year. We hope and expect that your cadet will participate fully in this unique experience. We look forward to a great year!


DAVID HEDGER, Lt Col  (ret)       KEVIN YOUNG, MSGT (ret)

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“HONOR FLIGHT” Competition Begins NOW!!

All 6 flights compete to earn a full day of fun this April!

The first event is to return your 2 parent completed & signed forms and $50 Activity Fee (on/before) Friday, Sept. 24th.  

See the “Community Service” blog page for competition details. In spring 2019 (our last Honor Flight winners)  ECHO Flight went to the Virginia Aquarium Adventure Park. Here’s a few pics from the fun.


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Paying the JROTC activity fee

The $50 Cadet activity fee electronically (credit or debit card) using this SPS e-payment link. The fee payment can be made by going to the Nansemond River HS website. Select the “Our School” drop down menu and click on, “Online School Payments.” This will direct you to an SPS payment website. You will have to reselect “Nansemond River HS” from the list of High Schools, and then find the AFJROTC lampstand logo from a scroll down list.

Alternatively, you can pay with cash or check. We will collect the fee at the beginning of each class through 24 September.

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New in 2021: AF Female hair styles

Effective immediately, JROTC women may wear a ponytail that can fan out across a 1-foot span — six inches to the left and six inches to the right of the midpoint where the hair is gathered.

Women must still make sure their hair does not extend past their shoulder blades, be able to properly wear their headgear with locks that width, and comply with occupational safety, fire and health guidance. Women continue to have the option of wearing it up in a “bun;” 3.5 inches in bulk (thickness) and must NOT be seen when looking at you while standing directly in front of you, and must be able to wear the flight cap without falling off.

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Air Commando Award

Congratulations to Cadet Capt Angela Grund for her essay on  Capt. Matthew Roland of the 23rd Special Tactics Squadron. Congratulations to Cadet Capt Anastasia Grund for her essay on Medal of Honor Winner and Combat Controller, Tech Sergeant John Chapman. Both will receive the ACA ribbon and medal.

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Health and Wellness Ribbon

Presidential Physical Fitness Standards (Health and Wellness ribbon) is earned for those who average 50% or better on the 3 PFT events (Curl Ups, Push-ups, 1 mile run. A bronze Star will be added for top 75%, Silver Star (85%), or Gold star (95%)

See the Exercise charts posted in the classroom. 

Image result for AFJROTC health and wellness ribbon

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AFJROTC Cadet Photos – “BeanSprout Photography”

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Cadet Leadership Course (CLC)

We start looking now for leaders to send to our annual CLC “Boot Camp.”  We will send out a message in January for those cadets who would like to be considered for this end of June week long event held at Langley AFB. Although our 2020 event was cancelled due to COVID, CLC planing has started for June, 2021.  Twelve, first year cadets will be selected to go, based on: self-discipline, community service, JROTC participation, uniform wear, and leadership potential. 

Five local high school’s participate: Menchville, Hampton, Lakeland, Indian River and Nansemond River High Schools.   Upperclass cadets run this “mini-boot camp.”  Cadets will wake at 5 am to start PT, group games, an obstacle course, shadow an active duty member, drill and more. Our first year cadets who do well at CLC will be invited back to be leaders and run a future CLC. 



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After school programs – every Tues/Thurs 3-4:30 pm

1) Drill 

First meet: Tidewater Drill Competition  –  Sat, Dec. 7th. 

 See short videos from the 2019 state competition HERE . 

  Image result for Great Bridge High School JROTC Drill meet

2) Color Guard

Currently only upperclassmen may participate at this time. First year cadets may join when uniforms are handed out.

3) TARC 

  This year’s national challenge is to build a rocket that will fly to exactly 835 feet, safely carrying two raw eggs for a duration of 4o seconds!


4) CyberPatriot XII

“CyberPatriot” is a national cyber defense competition with 6,000+ online teams, securing virtual operating systems and simulated networks during 6 hour, timed events. Cadets receive a T-shirt, coin.   

 Learn more about the competition at:

5) AFJROTC Academic Bowl  

Top teams win an opportunity to compete in the Academic Championship in Washington, DC! Sixteen (16) AFJROTC teams will qualify to attend!
Here’s some of the benefits of participating in the Academic Bowl:
• Improve SAT/ACT scores
• Increase interest in college admissions
• Boost esprit de corps

6) PT/ Raider Team 

New to exercise? Learn about a “couch to 5K” program.  How about a Raider Team – a military based physical fitness competition. 1 run, rope bridge, obstacle course, cross country rescue (carrying a litter and weighted ruck sacks through the woods and over obstacles!

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