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HQ Guidance: Cadet Ops – Running our program

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NOTE: Only those designated as “Commanders” will wear the shoulder cord to include: Cadet Grp/CC, Cadet Dep Grp/CC, Sqn/CC and Flt/CCs only. Drill teams and color Guard may wear the Silver cords during events only. 



I, (state your full name), having been selected to become a (state your new rank) in Air Force JROTC, freely accept this position of trust. I also declare that: 

  • I will wear my uniform with pride. 
  • I will be ever mindful that my conduct represents the finest of Air Force traditions. 
  • I will support the cadet officers appointed over me. 
  • I will at all times use good manners and judgment in dealing with others. 
  • I will strive to develop traits of leadership, self-reliance, discipline and honor.

Staff officers will meet monthly with their respective Sqn/CC.  Cadet Officers will fill out this sheet before each meeting. Commanders will set the suspense and meeting dates.  Officer’s Monthly tasks and issues


NCO Staff (ROTC I and II): October 2018

(ROTC I) – D Flight Airmen promotions:  awarded  Dec and April.

(ROTC I) – E Flight  Airmen promotions:   awarded  Dec and April.

(ROTC I) – F Flight Airmen promotions:   awarded  Dec and April.


Temporary Positions – roles and responsibilities

NOTE: All cadets have a permanent rank based on the number of years in JROTC. Temporary rank is based on officer positions and associated responsibility.  Once the  year ends, cadets return to their permanent rank unless/until they seek a new officer position.  Cadets can lose temporary rank based on poor conduct (examples: ISS/OSS) or  habitual failure to complete assigned tasks. Cadets cannot lose permanent rank.

NOTE: Promotions/demotions are described in VA-20021’s Cadet handbook.


Earning Airmen Strips (ROTC I and II only) 

Promotions will be held twice yearly: December and April, modeled after the Air Force enlisted promotion system.

ROTC I cadets can earn: C/Airmen and C/Airman 1st Class). Up to 90% of the ROTC I cadets will be promoted to C/Airman in December, 75% of of those cadets will be promoted to C/Airman 1st Class in April.

ROTC II cadet can earn his/her stripes (Senior Airman, Staff Sergeant).  Up to 90% of the ROTC II cadets will be promoted to Cadet Senior Airman in December, 75% of of those cadets will be promoted to Cadet Staff Sergeant in April.

ROTC I and II cadets will be promoted using the following formula:

CSE participation:              33 pts for each event, up to 100 pts max                  Uniform grade:                     1st or 2nd quarter (0 – 100)                            Academic grade:          1st or 2nd quarter (0-100)                    Disciplinary action:    OSS = -100     ISS/behavior = -50

Max Score = 300 points:  100 CSE + 100 uniform + 100 academics, Zero discipline issues