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2019 Regional Raider Competitions

What is a Raider team? JROTC Raider teams come from Air Fofrce, Navy, Marine and Army JROTC units. Teams practice together in physical and mental challenges. Events consist of: 5 KM Road March/Run, Physical Fitness Challenge (TPFC), Litter Carry, One Rope Bridge and/or a Vehicle Pull. Raider teams rely heavily on physical fitness.  Areas in typical competitions include (but not limited to): 

What are Raider competitions?

Raider competitions are designed for a small group of 9 cadets (8 cadets compete in each event, one alternate for each event).  of physically fit and mentally tough cadets to compete in various outdoor activities preferably in a very primitive-type location with solid amenities to ensure safety of the participants.  Raider meets are designed as overnight events (cadets typically billeted in host school gyms on Friday night, with wakeup at approx 0500) but teams may also arrive at 0500 on Saturday morning if the event is within close proximity of the school


  • Improves physical fitness and mental toughness
  • Promotes teamwork and camaraderie
  • Builds leadership and followership skills
  • Teaches self-discipline
  • Provides a fall sport for JROTC cadets
  • Recruiting and retention tool for JROTC cadets
  • Cadets absolutely love it!

Other considerations when establishing a team: 

You will need to identify training areas that allow you to do the following kinds of activities:

  • One-rope bridge (two sturdy trees or large diameter posts that are 50-75 feet apart at a minimum)
  • Long-distance running
  • Low crawl/high crawl
  • Shorter-distance track work
  • Hill training
  • Pull-ups and other calisthenics

Several of your Raiders may also participate in other sports during the fall. Consider holding your practices in the evening to allow these cadets to do both (our practices at Blue Springs South are from 1800-2000 on Mon/Wed and from 0600-0700 on Fri).

MREs are typically provided by the host school.  If not, you will probably want to take your own or arrange for a lunchtime meal.  Recommend having a cooler of Gatorade and snacks for each team at all Raider Meets. 

Minimum Required Equipment for Competition

  • Complete Airman Battle Uniform (ABU) for each competitor
  • Camelbak or web belt/canteen for each competitor
  • 150-foot static line rope for the one-rope bridge event
  • 150-foot rope cut into 15-foot segments for Swiss and Aussie seats for one-rope bridge
  • 12 carabiners for one-rope bridge
  • Ruck sack to carry all one-rope bridge equipment throughout the entire Raider Meet
  • Safety vests for distance events such as the 10K road march (required at some meets)

Recommended Additional Equipment for Training

  • Military litter/stretcher (add additional weight as required during training)
  • 20-25’ climbing rope
  • 2-3 additional weighted rucks
  • Pull-up bars
  • Jerry cans and sandbags (many meets have events where there is a water or sandbag carry for a specific distance)
  • 1:50,000 military charts and compasses (map reading skills)
  • 4-5’ pieces of small gauge rope to practice knot tying
  • 2-3 large tractor-trailer sized tires for flipping
  • Any available military-style obstacle course obstacles (walls, balance beams, cargo nets, etc.). 

NOTE:  These items may be liability issues unless you can lock them away to prevent others from using them when they are unsupervised.

One-Rope Bridge Training Videos:

Rope Bridge Rope Bridge competition Rope Bridge comp (2) Rope Bridge Comp (3) Square knot training Bow knot Training Bow knot in 1 Second Wireman’s Knot Alpine Butterfly Knot Swiss Seat