JROTC Leadership & Academic Bowl

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2019-2020 Air Force JROTC Academic Bowl

OCT 1 – NOV 20         Sign Up (all cadets and instructors)
OCT 1-25                       Practice Test (open to all cadets!)
OCT 26 – NOV 20      Assemble a Team
NOV 1-20                      Level I
FEB 1-15                        Level II
JUN 19-23                    Level III – The Championship in Washington, DC


  1. Visit www.cofcontests.com.
  2. Click Sign Up and enter the requested registration information.
  3. Once you have completed Sign Up, you will Sign In every time you return to the website to access your dashboard.
  4. Each student must Sign Up. During Sign Up, enter your school’s city and state and then click the dropdown menu to select your school.
  5. When you have completed the Sign Up process, you will be directed to your dashboard where cadets can take the Practice Test and access college prep materials.

After October 25, instructors can assemble a team.  The Level I competition is available online Nov 1-20.

General NOTES:
• All cadets are encouraged to participate in the Practice Test. It’s a great way to
assess college test readiness.
• All AFJROTC units are encouraged to compete in Level I. Compete right in your
own school against hundreds of teams from across the country!
Teams with scores in the top 50% in Level I will advance to Level II.
• The top scoring teams (from each Division) will advance to Level III – The
Championship in Washington, DC (June 19-23) – at no cost to your unit!

COF Contests – To Sign Up and participate in the Practice Test, Level I, and Level II,
go to www.cofcontests.com.

How to Select Academic Team Members
• Academic Team = 4 primary members and 2 alternates (alternates
participate in the online competition only)
Only current juniors (11th grade), sophomores (10th
grade) or freshmen (9th grade). NO seniors may participate
Each JROTC unit will be allowed one team with 4 primary members. Two
alternates may be named and may participate in the online testing only however
alternates are not required. If your unit is eligible to participate in the final competition in
Washington, DC, only four team members may attend.
We will be live streaming many of the main events
during JLAB including the AFJROTC Championship and Joint Service
Instructors may assess and select potential team members using the following criteria –
• Peer selection boards (e.g. interviews, essays)
• Teacher or school recommendations
• Performance on the Practice Test (details below)
• Overall enthusiasm for the competition
Practice Test (October 1-25)
The Practice Test is open to all cadets and is taken individually, not as a team. It
consists of 25 questions (from a bank of 50 questions so cadets may take the test multiple
times) similar to those questions in Levels I and II. It is a great way to evaluate your
entire unit’s understanding of JROTC curriculum and general subjects. We encourage all
cadets to take the Practice Test at an internet-accessible computer in the classroom or
other convenient location. Instruct cadets to Sign Up at www.cofcontests.com. Once their
account is created, they can Sign In and select Practice Test on the dashboard. Cadets
may take the Practice Test as many times as they would like and print out their scores to
turn in to the instructor. COF does not retain Practice Test scores. It is up to each
instructor to review the scores and determine members of the team. The cadet’s
scores will remain on their dashboard under Recent Tests.
How to Prepare the Team
One of the main goals of the JROTC Academic Bowl is to prepare students for state
exit/graduation exams as well as college entrance exams, such as the SAT and ACT.
However, many JROTC instructors are understandably interested in measuring how well
their cadets are learning the JROTC curriculum. Therefore, we will have a mix of
JROTC curriculum as well as English, math, and science in each level of the competition.
A few questions about current events are also included – focusing on national and
international news, particularly international relations, politics, business, and science. All
of the current events questions will be taken from major media available on television,
the internet, and in daily newspapers (see suggested resources below).
Level I includes 25% JROTC questions, 65% SAT/ACT-type questions, and 10% current
events questions.
Level II includes 15% JROTC questions, 75% SAT/ACT-type questions, and 10%
current events questions.
In both Level I and Level II, a total of 2-3 questions will come from the following USAA
Educational Foundation videos:
• Opening Your First Bank Account – https://vimeo.com/257540781/becc571fb2
• Making Money Work for You – https://vimeo.com/257540735
• How Time Builds Wealth – https://vimeo.com/269913995
We encourage all cadets, whether they are on the academic team or not, to check out the
videos from USAA and to prepare for the ACT, SAT, and ASVAB tests by reviewing
English, science, and math coursework. There are several resources available, free-ofcharge, to all students.
Websites to review include:
www.cofcontests.com – online SAT/ACT guides (contest information tab)
www.number2.com – a free test prep website
www.march2success.com – a free test prep website
www.khanacademy.org – a free website with math, history, and science lessons
www.foxnews.com/index.html – FOX News
www.cnn.com/cnn10 – CNN Student News
www.npr.org/ – National Public Radio
www.reuters.com/ – Reuters
www.usatoday.com/ – USA Today Newspaper
How to Sign Up
• Oct 1 – Nov20, the instructor should go to www.cofcontests.com, click on Sign Up,
and fill out the requested information.
• After October 25, you will have the option to Add Students to Team on the
instructor dashboard.

How to Participate in Levels I and II (online)
1. Each cadet must review The Guidelines in its entirety prior to participating in Level I
2. The instructor or team captain should logon to www.cofcontests.com
3. The instructor will Sign In using his/her username and password.
4. Once on the Dashboard, click on Tests
5. Follow directions on that page and begin the competition
6. Both Level I and II consist of approximately 75 questions and take approximately 1
hour to complete. This is a TEAM event – all cadets on the team (including
alternates) should sit at one computer and answer questions as a team.
7. Once a team has begun the test, there is no ability to stop and start over. The
competition must be completed in one sitting.
If your team advances to Level II (February 1-15), you will follow the same procedure,
using the Instructor’s username and password.

Level III – The Championship
The top 16 teams (based on Level II scores) will be invited to participate in Level III –
The Championship! Teams with top scores from each division will receive an invitation
to Washington, DC. If there is a tie in Level II for one of the spots, the tie-breaker will be
the Level I – Section 2 score (SAT/ACT portion).
Teams will be allowed to bring four cadets and one instructor to the Championship.
Additional male and female chaperones will be on staff at JLAB; however, a female
chaperone from the high school may also attend if required by the school administration.
Alternates are NOT allowed to attend JLAB 2020.
Travel costs, gas prices, additional airline fees and most importantly, cuts in educational
funding, require that we are all as frugal as possible in our travel arrangements. All travel
costs directly related to the event will be covered, but we will endeavor to minimize
travel costs where possible and we hope the instructors will assist us in that area.
Team travel expenses will be individually calculated based on your location and mode of
transportation. Travel expenses that are covered include:
1. airfare or mileage (if driving)
2. ground transportation to/from Washington, DC airport to competition site
3. incidentals – baggage, tips, etc.
Official Rules of the Online Competition
1. The designated point of contact should be a JROTC instructor with access to email. Most
correspondence with teams is through email; therefore, it is essential that instructors
check their email and respond as soon as possible. Foundation staff is also available by
phone for questions or concerns. (1-888-576-8287 or admin@collegeoptions.net)
2. Each JROTC unit will be allowed ONE Academic Team consisting of four cadets. The
team may include juniors, sophomores and/or freshmen. Two alternates may be named
and may participate in the online portion of the competition but are not allowed to attend
The Championship in Washington, DC with the team. No seniors may participate.
3. Level I and Level II are internet-based competitions.
4. Level I and Level II each require approximately one hour to complete. Once a team has
begun the test, there is no ability to stop and start over. The competition must be
completed in one sitting.
5. No one is allowed in the room during the competition except for the four members of the
team, two alternates (optional), and one instructor who will act as proctor for the test.
Instructors may not assist the team with questions during the test.
6. No outside sources or other electronic devices (cell phone, additional computer,
dictionary, thesaurus, textbook, newspaper, etc.) are allowed. Calculators, pens/pencils
and scratch paper are permitted. Do not take screenshots of the questions during the test.
Duplication of the questions during the test is NOT permitted and may be cause for
7. No communication about the competition with other JROTC teams or schools is allowed.
Teams are not permitted to discuss the questions or design of the competition with
anyone outside of the team members and instructors.
8. All scores will be sent to the Foundation’s server automatically. If a team believes there
has been an error in scoring, the team must contact the Foundation via phone or email
within 12 hours of completion of their participation (upon finishing the test). A written
explanation of the problem will be required and should be sent via email
9. If your team qualifies to advance to Level II, and your school is prone to winter storms
and school closings, please DO NOT wait until the last day to participate. Deadline
extensions will be granted on a very limited basis.
10. If there is an electrical outage or other technical difficulty during the competition, the
team must contact the Foundation via phone or email within 12 hours of the difficulty. A
written explanation of the problem will be required and should be sent via email
11. The JROTC Academic Bowl relies on the adherence by all teams to the JROTC Code of
Honor/Core Values. The Foundation expects that all team members and instructors will
abide by all rules.
12. Finally, we believe the Number 1 rule in this competition is to…Have Fun! We hope
you enjoy this challenge.

For more information, visit the JLAB homepage