“Cadets should understand the importance of goal setting to an organization and how to use goals to guide the Corps throughout the year. This is an outstanding leadership tool and part of putting our classroom leadership education into practice!” – HQ AFJROTC



Goals are meant to guide cadet corps operations throughout the year. Therefore, properly developed goals will emphasize what is important to the cadet corps (they built the goals, right?). Cadets must continuously measure how they are doing toward achieving the desired outcome of each goal. Mid-course changes in operations may be needed to accomplish each goal. Key notes to remember:

Cadet staff should tie each activity to the unit’s goals.

Ensure all cadets know the goals. Posting them in a prominent place and talk about them on a regular basis.

The corps commander should assign members of the senior staff to be responsible to keep records for each goal.

Periodic special staff meetings should be conducted to determine the progress toward each goal. Depending on the progress toward each goal, changes or corrections may be needed to achieve the goal.

No later than 10 April, the cadet commander will  ensure the “Results Evaluation” statements are posted in “WINGS.”


2018  – Corps Goals 

A) Cadet Impact:

  1. Cadets will have an 85% average grade on weekly uniform wear through the year  (Oct through April).
  2. At least 25% of the cadet Corps will participate in one, JROTC after school program (LDR) to its completion.

B) School Impact:

  1. The cadet Corps will be responsible for the following school clean-up opportunities this year:
    a. Parking lot paint (athlete parking lot, lines & numbers) (fall)
    b. Outdoor loose trash cleanup (quarterly)
    c. Plants and/or weeding the front (fall and spring)
    d. Mulching and trimming (spring).
  2. 30% of cadets will volunteer for at least 1 event staff or color guard.

C) Community Impact:

  1. Every semester, the Corps will plan and execute at least one local neighborhood or local park cleanup. A minimum of 20% of the cadet Corps will participate in each event. Each event will last a minimum of 2 hours.
  2. The Cadet corps will average 12 hours of community service this year.


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