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What is CyberPatriot?

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CyberPatriot is a National Youth Cyber Defense Competition.

Student teams are tasked with “managing the network of a small company.” using virtual desktops that represent the company’s operating system. Teams must find cybersecurity vulnerabilities and protect critical services.  Semi-finalist top teams earn an all-expense paid trip to Baltimore, MD for the National Final where they can earn awards and college scholarships.






Qualification Round 1 Nov 2020 All teams may compete.  Tests basic of cybersecurity skills.
Qualification Round 2
Dec 2020 All teams may compete even if they did not compete in Round 1 or had a low score. More difficult than Round 1, to allow teams to be divided into skill-level tiers for the State Round.
State Round Jan 2021 All teams may compete with a clean slate. Past performance or participation in Rounds 1 and 2 do not count toward placement. Teams compete against other teams based on skill level for State Awards and Tier Awards.
Semifinals Feb 2021 Top teams compete for Tier Awards.  Platinum Tier and top Middle School teams compete for advancement to the National Finals Competition.
National Finals Competition 
Apr 2021 National Finalist teams compete for National Championship in their respective divisions.

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