Community Service (CSE)

Last year, the Corps earned 2,310 hrs! 

As of 3 Feb, 2020 we have earned 1,530.88 hours, or 12.25 hrs/cadet. 

Mandatory event planning checklist: (PowerPoint)(Excel)

Cadets who earn hours in 8 or more CS events will receive the “Achievement” ribbon.  Top performing cadets (examples: Coat drive, food drive, H2O fund) will receive a “Superior Performance” ribbon in May.

Suffolk Public School’s Community Service Requirement

Students enrolled in 9th grade 2013-14 and beyond will be required to complete 50 hours of pre-approved community service such as: volunteering for a charitable or religious organizations that provides services to the poor, sick or less fortunate; participating
in Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts or similar youth organizations; participating in political campaigns, government internships, and participating in school-sponsored extracurricular activities that have a civics focus.
Recommended Number of Community Service Hours per Year
          Grade 9 at least 16 hours
          Grade 10 at least 17 hours
          Grade 11 at least 17 hours
Students transferring into Suffolk Public Schools:
         Entering in grade 10 at least 35 hours (recommend at least 18 hours per year)
         Entering in grade 11. at least 20 hours (recommend at least 18 hours per year)
         Entering in grade 12. at least 10 hours

Our AFJROTC unit requires cadets to earn hours in three (3) or more CSEs per year.  Many CSEs are done in school and may be as simple as collecting donated items. Others require meeting off campus a designated place on a Saturday morning.  When they participate, cadets earn “honor flight points,” receive a uniform ribbon or oak leaf cluster, and community service hours based on the criteria set forth before the event begins.

Possible unit awards:                                                                                                           Outstanding Organization Award:  Unit average of 8 hours of CS hours per cadet.    Distinguished Unit Award: Unit average of 12 hours of CS hours per cadet.                  “Silver Star” Community Service with Excellence Award:  The TOP 5% units in all of AFJROTC with the highest “cadet average” CS hours (11 Apr 2018, to 10 Apr 2019).

VA-20021 Award History:                                                                                                                      Outstanding Organization Award (2016-17)earned from 1,113 community service hours between 137 cadets = 8.12 hr average .                                                                         Distinguished Unit Award (2017-18)earned from 1,728 community service hours between 139 cadets = 12.07 hr average.

Community Service Hours: AFJROTC may claim only those community service activities which meet the following criteria:                                                                                       A. The event is planned by the cadet staff and executed by the cadet corps                             B. Supervised by an AFJROTC instructor, who determines the CSE hours.                           C. Travel time for any event will not exceed 2 hours total

SPS Community Service page (Click HERE)

Hitorical  & Current Events                   Month                         Location
  • “Gently used” Coat Drive                  October  14-25                   NRHS 
  • “Driver Days” parade                         October   19                  *Driver, VA
  • Canned Food Drive                               December  1-13                 NRHS
  • Red Cross Blood Drive                        November  12                   NRHS
  • Christmas Tree Lot set up                 November  23              *Suffolk, VA
  • Veterans Wreath Laying                  December   14                *Suffolk, VA
  • Suffolk Christmas Parade               December     7                *Suffolk,VA
  • Soup Kitchen  x 2                                                TBD                              TBD
  • Red Cross Blood Drive                        January   14                     NRHS
  • Haiti school donation                          January (2021)              NRHS
  • Spartyka 5K Run support                  March 28                     * Va Beach
  • NRHS AFJROTC Field Day                 April (TBD)                 * NRHS 
  • H2O water well                                        Feb 1 – 30 Mar            various locations
  • VFW Bataan Death March – Hike     April  18                 * Dismal Swamp Trail
  • School Campus Clean-Up                     Once per Semester         NRHS
  • Sports “Event Staff” Detail                Throughout the year       NRHS 
  • Suffolk AFJROTC Field Day              Apr or May                  * LHS (2020)

* Saturday event

Financial donations: Haiti school. We help provide funds for school supplies and school lunches for primary students in Beledere, Haiti. Our goal is for each cadet to donate $5 of their OWN money (earned through additional home chores or part time job).

Financial donations: H2O for Life Charity. AFJROTC has been collecting funds each year for the past four years to benefit a school or village in Africa. Last year we collected  ~$2,200 toward new bathrooms and washing facilities for a primary school in a Ugandan refugee camp. Cadets collected loose change from students in the school cafeteria and supported several fundraisers after school.