03) Certificate

Post High School Benefits available to cadets:

As per Department of Defense Instruction (DODI 1205.13)

Benefit #1: A cadet presenting evidence of successful completion of at least 2 academic years of the JROTC program is entitled to advanced promotion to the grade of E-2 on initial enlistment (after “Boot Camp”) in an Active or Reserve component of any US Military Service.

Benefit #2: At their discretion, the Military Service may award the grade of E-3 for successful completion of 3 academic years of the JROTC program.

Benefit #3: A student presenting evidence of successful completion of 3 academic years of JROTC may be entitled to not less than 1 year of credit in the Senior ROTC Program.

To earn a certificate, Cadets must meet all of these  7 requirements:

1. Enrolled full-time at Nansemond River High School (9th – 12th grade).

2. A US citizen. (HQ AFROTC approval required for non-citizens)

3. Self-Discipline: “Zero” Out-of-School-Suspensions (OSS) – 5 days or longer.  No habitual (documented) disruptions in any high school classes.

4. Leadership: Command the 30-step drill sequence (steps memorized, minimal mistakes, a strong command voice) to a 90% or greater score (spring semester).

5. Community Service: Participate in three (3) or more JROTC community service events each

6. Uniform wear: No more than one (1) unexcused (forgot to wear) uniform inspection or two (2) grooming standard issues during the year.

7. Physical ability: Successfully meet the following standards in the last year of JROTC. Cadets must accomplish all three events within one class period (90 minutes). 

Gender                  1 Mile run            Push-ups*     Curl-ups*

Male                          8:00                              30                             45

Female                    10:00                              15                              35

* two minutes to complete these events

See: AF Fitness Program CHARTS