J-100 AFJROTC Character-in-Leadership Scholarship

The J-100” is a 4 year, Air Force ROTC scholarship specifically for AFJROTC high school seniors with 2 or more years of AFJROTC experience. It covers: 4-years of tuition, on-campus housing ($10,000 max/year), a book stipend, and an Air Force ROTC cadet stipend.  The scholarship can be used at any AFROTC host or crosstown university.  VA-20021 may only nominate 1 cadet. 

APPLICANT ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: (1) 3.0 unweighted GPA (2) 22 ACT or 1100 SAT** (3) 50 fitness score

**A No-Test Waiver is applicable for cadets who have no test/never tested due to inability to test due to COVID; requires Instructor validation and HQ AFJROTC Staff approval.  Students with ACT/SAT test scores below the minimum are not eligible for this waiver.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Cadets and instructors have required applications actions.  All cadet applicants meeting eligibility requirements will meet a selection board based on weighted portions of the application: 40% application data; 20% Instructor endorsement; 20% academic score; 20% fitness score

Instructors and potential applicants should review AFROTC’s university list (https://www.afrotc.com/college-locator/).  Nominated applicants are encouraged to start college application actions prior to the J-100 application deadline.  This is critical, as AFJROTC scholarship winners must have a Letter of Acceptance into their school of choice to accept the scholarship.

Cadets who advance in the application process (based on the quantitative board score) will ultimately meet a qualitative Leadership Evaluation Board (LEB), a panel interview, to determine the final 100 scholarship awards.  The LEB interview is a critical component of the J-100 scholarship selection process.  The interview, along with the cadet’s essay, Instructor’s Letter of Recommendation, and cadet activity sheet/resume, primarily serves to determine the best 100 cadets from the group of finalists meeting the LEB.

2021-2022 TIMELINE

Ø     20 Sep – 19 Nov 21: Application window opens

Ø     19 Nov 21: Applications close/due NLT 11:59pm CST

Ø     NLT 1 Dec 21: Announcement of Finalists who will meet Leadership Evaluation   Board (LEB)

Ø     13-17 Dec 21: LEB interviews week

Ø     NLT 21 Jan 22: Announcement of Scholarship Selects and Alternates

Ø     30 Apr 22: Cadet Notification of Intent to Accept or Decline offer due to AFJROTC Scholarship Team

Ø     31 May 22: Scholarship Acceptance due in WINGS (must include college Letter of Acceptance) by 11:59pm CST

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