Uniform Inspections begin October 20th & 21st.

All cadets begin with a 100% grade.

-10% deduction for: each missing uniform item, shoes not polished, stains, wrinkles, violation of grooming standards, unauthorized jewelry/nails, loss of bearing during inspection. NOTE: A gigline infraction is -5%, with no additional penalty for cumulative weeks found.

-20% deduction for repeating the same infraction, the 2nd week in a row.

-40% deduction for the same infraction for the 3rd week in a row and beyond, until the infraction is fixed.  

Not in uniform, absences and uniform makeup policies: Present and not in uniform is considered a “Failure to wear.” Absent on uniform day is an “excused absence.” Makeup inspection for both is before (8 – 8:20 am) on the very next Tuesday of school. Go to the JROTC instructor’s office. “Excused absences” start at 100% grade (minus infractions). “Failure to wear” cadets start at 50% grade (minus infractions). Cadets with the following known missing uniform items (pants, shoes, shirt, service coat, windbreaker) will be “excused from wearing” until the ordered item arrives and hemmed (if needed).

Oct. 20 & 21st – Shirt no tie. Makeup is Tues, Oct. 26th.

Oct. 27 & 28th – Shirt with tie.

Nov. 3rd 4th – Windbreaker, no tie.

Nov 10th – Service Coat (meet at the flagpole)

Nov 17th & 18th – Shirt no tie.

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1st Red Cross Blood Drive – Tuesday, Nov. 9th, 2021

Cadets will set a donation goal, plan, market the event, find student donors, and help during this event. Any cadet who donates blood receive 1.5 hrs of Community Service.

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Christmas Tree Lot Setup — Sat. Nov 20th, 2021!

AFJROTC will helped unload and set up a Christmas Tree lot (9-11 am), located at the Sherwin Williams store, (2432 Pruden Blvd, Suffolk, VA). Cadets will receive a meal after the event and at least 1.5 hours of community service. 31 cadets participated in 2020. See more pictures here (requires an SPS email address).

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Homecoming 21 – Color Guard, Sabre Team & Event Staff

 All Color Guard and Sabre team participants receive 1.5 hrs of community service. All Event Staff receive community service for time worked (3 hours on average). 

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Driver Days Parade – Sat, 16 Oct ( 47 Cadets participated)

 All cadets who participated  earned 1.5 hours of community service!   


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Summer Aviation Program – Application deadline 29 Oct!

AFJROTC cadets may apply to earn their private pilot license through public/private universities during the summer of 2021. Cadets will be identified through a competitive boarding process. This scholarship pays for round-trip airfare, room and board, collegiate academics, and flight hours required to earn a Private Pilot’s Certificate (PPC) through an eight (8) week, in-residence collegiate program. 

Cadets will be engaged in an intensive academic, flying training program and may have classes or flying training during weekend hours. Completion of the program is singularly dependent on each student’s academic and flying ability and the university’s determination and judgment to recommend a student for licensure. Cadets candidates must have a minimum physical fitness of 50% and take an Aviation Qualification Test (AQT) by 5 November.

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Nansemond River HS – ASVAB Test (15 Nov)

Nansemond River is hosting the ASVAB. The ASVAB is a required test for all who are interested in any military career. The ASVAB applies to all military service branches. Juniors and Seniors who are considering the military as an option after high school must take this test (the earlier the better). Here’s the ASVAB homepage for reference. See also our career resource page on this blog for ASVAB requirements for each military career (link at the top of the post).

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After school team practices

Tuesdays and Thursdays (3 – 4:30 pm) for Color Guard, Sabre team and Drill teams, Rocketry and raider teams. Cadets will take roll call/start in the JROTC classroom. We will take roll call at 3:08 followed by breaking up into respective groups. You must have a ride ready to pick you up at 4:35 pm in front of school.

On Tuesday, Oct 5th we will add Rocketry and Raider team practices.

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2021-22 Cadet Corps Organization

Download the PowerPoint (below) to see all cadet officer positions. Congratulations to all – let’s get moving!

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J-100 AFJROTC Character-in-Leadership Scholarship

The J-100” is a 4 year, Air Force ROTC scholarship specifically for AFJROTC high school seniors with 2 or more years of AFJROTC experience. It covers: 4-years of tuition, on-campus housing ($10,000 max/year), a book stipend, and an Air Force ROTC cadet stipend.  The scholarship can be used at any AFROTC host or crosstown university.  VA-20021 may only nominate 1 cadet. 

APPLICANT ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: (1) 3.0 unweighted GPA (2) 22 ACT or 1100 SAT** (3) 50 fitness score

**A No-Test Waiver is applicable for cadets who have no test/never tested due to inability to test due to COVID; requires Instructor validation and HQ AFJROTC Staff approval.  Students with ACT/SAT test scores below the minimum are not eligible for this waiver.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Cadets and instructors have required applications actions.  All cadet applicants meeting eligibility requirements will meet a selection board based on weighted portions of the application: 40% application data; 20% Instructor endorsement; 20% academic score; 20% fitness score

Instructors and potential applicants should review AFROTC’s university list (https://www.afrotc.com/college-locator/).  Nominated applicants are encouraged to start college application actions prior to the J-100 application deadline.  This is critical, as AFJROTC scholarship winners must have a Letter of Acceptance into their school of choice to accept the scholarship.

Cadets who advance in the application process (based on the quantitative board score) will ultimately meet a qualitative Leadership Evaluation Board (LEB), a panel interview, to determine the final 100 scholarship awards.  The LEB interview is a critical component of the J-100 scholarship selection process.  The interview, along with the cadet’s essay, Instructor’s Letter of Recommendation, and cadet activity sheet/resume, primarily serves to determine the best 100 cadets from the group of finalists meeting the LEB.

2021-2022 TIMELINE

Ø     20 Sep – 19 Nov 21: Application window opens

Ø     19 Nov 21: Applications close/due NLT 11:59pm CST

Ø     NLT 1 Dec 21: Announcement of Finalists who will meet Leadership Evaluation   Board (LEB)

Ø     13-17 Dec 21: LEB interviews week

Ø     NLT 21 Jan 22: Announcement of Scholarship Selects and Alternates

Ø     30 Apr 22: Cadet Notification of Intent to Accept or Decline offer due to AFJROTC Scholarship Team

Ø     31 May 22: Scholarship Acceptance due in WINGS (must include college Letter of Acceptance) by 11:59pm CST

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