Cadet Leadership Course (CLC) 24-28 June, 2019

Starts Monday, 0800!  

Cadet’s Parker and May are to arrive at Menchville HS at 0700.                                     All others are to arrive between 0745 and 0800 for processing.

Emergency Communication: Parents/Guardians can email me at . I check it at least hourly (0500- 2200) hours.  We will be staying at Langley INN —  Phone: (757) 764-4667. Ask for me (Dave Hedger) as your cadet cannot contact you directly.

Medications:  I will be responsible for dispensing cadet medications. They must be surrendered to me when you arrive on Monday.

Please make sure your have all required items (see the cadet guide) PT hats will be issued to cadets on Monday. No cell phones – leave them at home or surrender them to me when you arrive.

Last, remember to hydrate this weekend!  Temps are expected to be near 90 degrees late in the day all week.

Pickup at Menchville HS at 11 AM, Fri (28 June). 


 CLC Cadet Guide  Cadets must know the contents.

Menchville HS directions

 (Flt officers) J. Parker, J. May  (Basics)  L. Augustinsky, L. Aune, R. Bendixen, A. Bradshaw, A. Fields, A. Grund, A. Grund, I. Metzger, E. Panagotopolous, C. Sharpe.

All CLC graduates earn the CLC ribbon.  See last year’s the pics and videos

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Uniform Return policy

Non-returning cadets: SHIRT, PANTS, WINDBREAKER, and SERVICE COAT must be returned to NRHS ASAP! The cost of these 4 items is ~ $270 per cadet. 

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2019-20 Tentative Calendar

Here’s our first look at the program dates for next year. 

VA-20021 Calendar 2019-20

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Post High School Scholarship help

Graduation will be here soon! 

Students interested in going to college after high school are often challenged with the cost. There is a free, AFJROTC sanctioned website to help you look for scholarship opportunities.  Click HERE to start your search.

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**HOT** Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) Scholarship

Seniors!   DEADLINE – May 17th!   Here’s a quick opportunity to have an additional $1,500 or more for College this fall. Each year the MOAA Portsmouth Area Chapter awards a ROTC scholarship to a graduating senior that will be entering a ROTC program in college.  This scholarship is awarded in two installments, one per semester for the first two semesters of college. The total award will be $1500.  Two scholarships will be awarded for 2019….good Luck.

PACMOAA SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FILLABLE 2019                                             ROTC Scholarship requirements 2019

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ECHO Flight went to the Virginia Aquarium Adventure Park on Thurs, 9 May. Here’s a few pics from the fun.

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SPS AFJROTC Field Day Pictures

We had a great time on Saturday for the Tri-School AFJROTC Field day!     

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Suffolk Leadership Prayer Breakfast – Thurs, May 2nd (7-9 am)

Local business leaders have sponsored 11 cadets to attend this event. Past events have included national sports,  political leaders and religious refugees as guest speakers. Additional information can be found from this Suffolk Herald News Article.

Location: Suffolk National Guard Armory,  2761 Godwin Blvd, Suffolk, VA 23434

Cadets; I.Robinson, I. Fortner, K. Harmon, J. Godfrey, J. Parker, and N. Lee attended. 

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Bataan Death March – Memorial Hike . Sat, 27 April (6:45 am- noon)

42 cadets participated in this year’s event. All who completed at least 14 miles will receive the BDM ribbon & 5 hours of community service.  


The “BDM memorial walk” honors and remember all those who endured one of the most harrowing events in US and Filipino history, and to educate today’s generation on the sacrifice of the greatest generation. Donations are graciously accepted and used for the Chesapeake Bataan Death March as well as to support the VFW Post 2894’s mission to serve veterans.

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Civil Air Patrol flight

Flown: Cadet Aune, Beamon, Chambers, Croft, Flores,  Fosser, Nieves, Panagotopolous, C. Thielen and Wood 

Still to fly this spring as funds/aircraft become available:  Cadet Bendixen, Harmon, Metzger, I. Robinson, S. Smith, Woodruff.

CAP Orientation Flights ROE


Pre-flight walk around and route of flight (above)……



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