NRHS family support – house fire recovery

From Sept 27th through Oct 6th, we are hosting a fundraiser for one of our families who lost everything in a tragic house fire. This will be our second Honor Flight competition of the year (see the Honor flt page).

Cadets – to receive 1 hour of community Service for each $10 donated, you must have a parent/guardian print and sign the attached verification form.

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Uniform wear

1st all cadet uniform wear is now the week of October 10-14

Wed/Thurs Oct 12/13: Shirt, no tie (All cadets)

Oct 19-20: Windbreaker / No Tie

Oct 26-27: No uniform (Spirit Week!)

GRADING: All cadets begin with a 100% grade.

-10% deduction for: each missing uniform item, shoes not polished, stains, wrinkles, violation of grooming standards, unauthorized jewelry/nails, loss of bearing during inspection. NOTE: A gigline infraction is -5%, with no additional penalty for cumulative weeks found.

-20% deduction for repeating the same infraction, the 2nd week in a row.

-40% deduction for the same infraction for the 3rd week in a row and beyond, until the infraction is fixed.  

Not in uniform, absences and uniform makeup policies: Present and not in uniform is considered a “Failure to wear.” Absent on uniform day is an “excused absence.” Makeup inspection for both is before (8 – 8:20 am) on the very next Tuesday of school. Go to the JROTC instructor’s office. “Excused absences” start at 100% grade (minus infractions). “Failure to wear” cadets start at 50% grade (minus infractions). Cadets with the following known missing uniform items (pants, shoes, shirt, service coat, windbreaker) will be “excused from wearing” until the ordered item arrives and hemmed (if needed).

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Fly for free – The AFJROTC Summer Aviation Program!

Earn your Private Pilot’s Certificate (PPC) during an eight (8) week, in-residence collegiate program. AFJROTC is offering 200 cadets the chance to earn their pilot’s license at a university aviation school – summer, 2023. The program covers: transportation, room and board, ground and flight hours. This is a ~$25,000 opportunity!  

Cadets will be immersed in an intensive academic & flying training program, to include weekends. Nominees must be 16 years old by 1 June, 2023, have a 50 on the PT test and take an Aviation Qualification Test (AQT) by mid-October.

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VA-20021 can nominate (1) AFJROTC II, III or IV cadet for a full Air Force ROTC scholarship, (100% paid tuition; $10,000 per-year for housing; annual book stipend; monthly cash stipend). Scholarship winners accept to complete a 4 year college degree, be enrolled in Air Force ROTC and be commissioned as an Air Force officer.

Contact Lt Col Hedger if interested no later than September 23rd.

Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps - Wikipedia
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October Events

Red Cross Blood Drive (Tuesday, 11 Oct) – Held in the NRHS Wrestling Room, cadets will collect donors and help out for this event. Cadets who donate blood receive 1.5 hours of community service.

Driver Days Parade (Saturday, 15 Oct) – Cadets will march on Saturday. We rally at the intersection of Kings Hwy & Bennets Pasture Rd at 8:30 am. The parade starts at 10 AM. Donuts handed out after the parade (~10:30 am).

JROTC Food Drive (17 – 28 Oct) – Cadets collect “non perishable food” for a local food bank. 1 hr of community service for each 20 items collected. Hand items into the JROTC hallway before 1st block each day.

Homecoming (28 Oct) – Cadets will provide the Color Guard, A Sabre Team for halftime, and event staff to help at the ticket office. No uniform wear during “Spirit Week.”

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Grooming Standards (Hair & Nail styles while in Uniform)

As per HQ AFJROTC, cadets must comply with Air Force standards of appearance while in uniform.

WE WILL INSPECT cadet grooming standards on Thursday, Sept 15th (1st year cadets) and Friday, Sept 16th (upperclassmen). Cadets must be compliant with grooming standanrds during class that day, or risk being removed from the program. Cadets will not be allowed to wear the uniform if they are not in Air Force compliance.


  • Men’s nails must be short, no polish and no longer than 1/4″.
  • Womens Fingernails:
    • A single, natural color polish is allowed
      • Must not contrast with the cadet’s complexion, detract from the uniform, or be “extreme” colors. (e.g. purple, gold, blue, black, bright red or florescent).  
      • White-tip French manicures are allowed 
      • Nails must not exceed ¼ inch beyond the finger tip

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Honor Flight Competition starts NOW!

Our 1st event – The first flight to have 100% (return all signed forms plus activity fee) receives 6 points. The last flight to do so earns 1 point.

This year’s prize is a trip to:

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VA-20021 – Our 2022-23 Cadet Handbook

This cadet handbook is a comprehensive source of our cadet program. All cadets are responsible for the material contained within it.

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SY 22-23 Organization and Leadership

Congratulations “Avenger” flight officers, Flt/CCs and Flt/Sgts!

Now the real work begins!! Click on each image to enlarge.

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US Team takes second in the World Rocketry Challenge

Newport High School who placed 2nd in the 2022 International Rocketry Challenge! After being named National Champions at the American Rocketry Challenge in May, Newport earned an all-expense paid trip to London to represent the U.S. and compete at the international finals at Farnborough International Airshow. Team USA finished behind Japan, with France in 3rd and the UK in 4th. See the Tweet video from the Farnborough competition.

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