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Feb. 20th-24th

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What we focused on this week in school:

Math: Students continued to practice probability experiments in order to grasp the concepts of the chance of something occurring. We have also been using fractions to describe the possible outcomes. Student’s created tree diagrams in order to list the possible combinations for various choices. For example at an ice cream shop there are: strawberry, chocolate and vanilla flavors. You can get chocolate sauce or sprinkles. How many different combinations can you make?

Social Studies: We discussed how diverse our country is and how we benefit from our diversity. Students read and analyzed how different traditions and customs are important to various people.

Reading: Our main focus was on determining the problem and solution in a fiction text. Students read various passages and had to answer questions about what the conflict was and how the characters tried to solve the problems.

Writing: We are still working on our young author writings. Students are creating illustrations in order to support their writings. They are doing a great job!

Feb. 13th-17th

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Check out what your child focused on last week!

Math: We had fun exploring probability and completed many experiments along with games to practice understanding finding the chances of an even to occur. We used terms like: certain, unlikely, likely and impossible. Students also showed their understanding with writing the chance of an outcome in a fraction form.

Social Studies: Our main focus was on government and understanding the responsibility of the national, state and local government. We also discussed the basic principles all American citizens have.

Reading: Ask your child about character traits! We had a lot of fun reading various fiction stories and focusing on the main character. We utilized a list of traits in order to compare and contrast various characters in the same text along with across other texts.

Writing: Students are still working on their Young Authors Writing piece. They are coming along nicely and are very creative. Some students are starting to work on their illustrations.

Feb. 6th-10th

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We have been very busy in third grade! Check out what we have been learning.

Science: Students have really enjoyed learning about natural disasters and how they affect our environment. We discussed the differences between a human and natural disasters.

Math: We have been focusing on fractions and understanding how to represent an improper fraction along with a mixed number fraction. We drew pictures to help us understand what each fraction means. Students also practiced a lot on the skill of locating a fraction on a number line. This is a difficult skill and students need to remember to look at how many parts the number line is divided into. We will have more fraction fun the following week.

Reading: Students took the Reading part of the MAP assessment this week. They will take the Math part on Thursday. This week in reading we focused on synonyms, antonyms and homophones. We played various games which helped us identified various words and discuss the synonyms and antonym they go with. The more words students know, the stronger their reading vocabulary will be in order to read harder books.

Writing: Students are working on their Young Author Writing piece which will be entered into a contest. They could write either a fiction, nonfiction, poem or an autobiography. We will be working on this the next couple of weeks and students will go through the whole writing process.

Jan. 23rd-27th

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It is hard to believe the 2nd quarter is coming to a close. January has been a very busy month for your third grader!

Science: Students are working on their PBA for this nine weeks. They are creating an animal in order to survive in a specific habitat.  They will discuss what adaptation their animal has in order to survive in a certain ecosystem.

Math: More fraction fun! We are exploring fractions and using numerous vocabulary words like numerator, denominator, proper and improper fractions.

Reading: We reviewed for the benchmark and students practiced numerous skills in order to help them gain a passing score of 70% or higher.

Writing: Students put the last finishing touches on their friendly letter about living in Ancient Greece and Rome.

Thank you for coming out to STEM night! Third graders had fun going to and showing their parents how to code.

Jan. 16th-20th

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Here is what your child worked on last week:

Social Studies: We finished up working on our PBA projects on ancient Rome, Mali or Greece. Students did an amazing job creating a visual aide to go with their writings.

Science: We introduced ecosystems and discussed the difference between terrestrial and aquatic. Students read and looked at pictures on various ecosystems in order to analyze them.

Math: We finished up our unit on money. Students reviewed how to count money, compare, add and solve word problems using money. We also focused on how to make change when buying an item.

Reading: Our main focus was on guide words in a dictionary. Students had to put words into ABC order and then determine if those words would belong on that guide word page. For example: the guide words are candy, cloud. Which of these words would be on that dictionary page: cold, crash, cautious, cent.

Writing: We are still working on our friendly letter about living in ancient Greece and Rome.

Jan. 12th and 13th

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I hope everyone enjoyed the snow days! We did have a short week but students worked hard preparing and taking the math benchmark. They did an awesome job and showed hard work truly pays off!

Reading: We started talking about completing various internet searches for various topics and what key words to use in the search engine box. We also practiced putting words in ABC order in order to determine if the words would appear on various guide word pages in a dictionary/encyclopedia.

Social Studies: We continued with our PBA assessment on ancient civilizations. Students are created their visual aids and will be presenting their projects to each other next week.

Writing: We are still working on our friendly letter about living in ancient Greece or Rome. Most students are currently writing their rough draft in order to peer edit with a buddy.

Jan. 3rd-6th

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We made it through our first week of 2017! The students are started to get back on track and remained focused during their assignments. Just in time for some snow this weekend! Here is what we learned this week.

Social Studies: Students started their PBA assessment where they are pretending to be a tour guide for one of the ancient civilizations we learned this year.  They wrote a speech which they would give as part of being the tour guide and are working on their visual aide (a model, poster or a collage). The visual aid has to represent something from that ancient civilization. If you wish to send in materials for your child please do so by Monday.

Math: We have been reviewing various materials for our math benchmark test. Students have been completing various reviews in order to practice the skills they will be tested on. Students will be tested on Monday Jan. 9th.

Reading: Our focus in reading was summarizing nonfiction text. Summarizing is a very hard skill because it requires readers to determine what is important and write it in their own words. We practiced this skill in both whole and small groups.

Writing: We began our next writing assignment. Students are writing letters to their parents pretending they time traveled to ancient Greece and Rome and are writing about their experience. We are using a trade book in order to gain more information about the daily life of this time period.

Happy New Year!

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Welcome back and Happy New Year! Please check the homework page for the updates on your child’s homework for this week. A note was stapled in their agenda about our social studies project if they wish to bring in supplies. Please know, they do not have to and it is up to you what you wish to send in. I do have construction paper, some clay, glue and markers. I hope everyone had a great break and we are slowly getting back into the swing of things.

December 12th-16th

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Here is what your child focused on this week!

Social Studies: We traveled to ancient Mail where we learned about how the people lived in this ancient civilization.  We focused on the government, resources they used to survive, what they land looked like and jobs people had. Students will be taking a test on Greece, Rome and Mali on Monday. We will be playing a review game with them before hand.

Math: Students still need more practice with understanding patterns and function tables and we will continue this after winter break. This week students went back to multiplication and division but they were using different models/pictures in order to represent the problem. We completed various stations in order to practice this skill. Students also were introduced to 2 digit by 1 digit multiplication. We learned 2 ways to solve these types of problems and it is up to the child how he/she would like to solve them.  Ask them about the Koots game we played on the computer in order to review this skill.

Reading: Students continued to practice drawing conclusions in order to increase their reading comprehension with nonfiction text. We read various nonfiction text and created graphic organizers in order to keep track of our thinking.

Writing: We wrote about our holiday traditions and why they are important to our families. Students have also been practicing their holiday spelling words. Their test will be on Monday and their spelling menu is due on this day as well.

Dec. 5th-9th

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Your child was very busy this week! Take a look at what we focused on.

Science: The food chain was our main focus and we practice creating many different ones in class. We discussed how a producer is always at the start of the food chain and then we grouped consumers by what they eat (plans, meat, or both). We ran out of time to take the food chain and animal test so students will take this on Tuesday.

Math: We practiced understanding various patterns in order to extend a pattern and find the rule. We also looked at function tables and analyzed what we being done to the input number in order to get the output number. Students rotated through centers in order to practice these skills.

Reading: Students had fun drawing conclusions and inferring in order to strengthen their reading comprehension skills. We looked at comics and jokes in order to practice the skill of “reading between the lines”. We made charts which had students use clues from the story plus their brain in order to make an inference. These types of questions are not answered directly in the text so students must slow down and think while they read.

Writing: Our friendly letters to our Veterans are finally finished! Students seem to have a great understanding of writing a friendly letter. We also focused on editing various pieces for writing in order ensure our own writing is correct. We also practiced identifying abbreviations in order to match them to the correct word.

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