Geometry Work for 9/17 and 9/18

1. Problem of the Day

2. Possible Pop Quiz “Points, Lines, and Planes” (Tomorrow)

3. Notes: Midpoint, Midpoint Formula, and Perpendicular Bisector

4. Exit Slip on Finding Midpoint of a Line (+5pts)

5. Worksheet “Midpoint with Perpendicular Bisector”

6. Geometry Pre-Test Assessment                                                                            (Friday, September 21st for 1st and 5th Blocks and Monday, September 19th for 2nd, 4th, and 6th Blocks)

Geometry Work for 9/6 and 9/7

1. Problem of the Day and Survey with Survey Discussion

2. Check Signed Syllabus (+3pts), Collect Cell Phone Policy (+2pts), and Collect Semi-Regular Tessellation Design (+15pts)

3. Algebra Review Notes: Solving Linear + Literal Equations

4. Worksheet “Solving Linear Equations”

5. Algebra Review Quiz: Solving Linear and Literal Equations [Next Class]

6a. Pair-Share Activity: Solving Linear Equations (+16pts) [If Time Permits]

6b. Confounding Spiral Activity (+10pts) [If Time Permits]

Geometry Work for 9/4 and 9/5

1. Problem of the Day and Remind Signing up Information

2. Syllabus and Cell Phone Policies

3. Geometry Folder (100% Classwork if done)

4. Tessellation Notes

5. Semi-Regular Tessellation Design (+15pts)

6. Homework: I. Signed Syllabus (+3pts), II. Signed Cell Phone Policy (+2pts), and  III. If not done in class, Semi-Regular Tessellation Design (+15pts)

7. Algebra Review Quiz: Solving Linear and Literal Equations                 [Monday, September 10th for Blocks 1, 5 and Tuesday, September 11th for Blocks 2, 4, and 6]

Remind Information

Students and Parents sign up for Mr. Jay’s Geometry Updates on Remind by completing these steps:

1. Text to the number 81010

2. Type in the Message for these classes:

Geometry Block #1: @jaygeoB1

Geometry Block #2: @jaygeoB2

Geometry Block #4: @jaygeoB4

Geometry Block #5: @jaygeoB5

Geometry Block #6: @jaygeoB6

3. Press Send

4 You have joined the class and you will receive text messages from me about assignments, projects, assessments, and important information that will be due and upcoming in Geometry Class.