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Week 37

Tuesday, May 29, 2018, is Field Day.  We will have a math review in the morning before we start our Field Day.  This will be our last review before the math SOL.

This Wednesday, May 30, 2018, we will take the math SOL test.  I would highly recommend using IXL to practice the skills that you may need to work on before this test.  Use the Student Progress and Trouble Spots under the Analytics section of IXL once you are logged in to see where you could benefit from additional practice.

We will continue working on our social studies U. S. states and capitals project on Thursday, May 31, 2018.  Remember to bring in any supplies you would wish to use to create your project!

Week 36

This week we will take the science SOL test on Wednesday, May 23, 2018.  We will spend quite a bit of time on science on Monday and Tuesday, but will also continue to prepare and practice for the math SOL test which will be on Wednesday, May 30, 2018.

This week you have homework in math, social studies, and science.  You have math homework only on Monday and Thursday nights.   Your science homework  is due Tuesday, May 22, 2018, and the social studies homework will be due on Friday, May 25, 2018.  There is NO homework in reading or writing.

We will continue reading our Civil War novel Shades of Grey  as our latest shared reading.  Below you will find a link to click on the project sheet/rubric for an IN CLASS social studies project that we will begin on Thursday, May 31, 2018.  Looking at this sheet now will help you to brainstorm and gather materials to use to create your 50 States gameboard.  Click on the link!

50 states game project


Week 35

This week we will take our first SOL test.  Thursday, May 17, 2018, will be the date of our reading SOL.  We will work hard this week to prepare and will review SOL 5.4 Word Analysis, 5.5 Fiction Comprehension, and 5.6 Nonfiction Comprehension.  The reading homework for this week (copy on the right hand side) will be due on Wednesday, May 16, 2018, so that we can review it prior to the SOL test.

In math, we will continue to work individually, in pairs, and in small groups as we work to review all skills.

In science, we will continue to review by completing the Scavenger Hunts used with science study guides packets.

In social studies, we will keep learning about the Civil War with reading passages, crosswords, and comprehension questions.

There is homework in all subjects, with reading due Wednesday, May 16, 2018, and the remainder due on Friday, May 18, 2018 (with the exception of math due daily).

Week 34

This week Interims will go home for the Fourth Nine Weeks.  We will continue to focus on math and reading to prepare for our upcoming SOL tests starting next week.

Week 33

On Tuesday of this week, the students will visit KFMS.  We will leave the building at about 10:00 and be back by lunchtime.

On Thursday, May 3, 2018, the science instructional specialist, will visit the classes to work with the students on several skills.

We will continue remediating this week in both math and reading to prepare for the upcoming SOL tests.  In reading, we will continue to read and hopefully finish our class novel Heat!

Students have homework in each subject this week, with the exception of social studies, and the math homework will be due daily instead of all being due on Friday, May 4, 2018.  We will review the previous night’s homework each day Tuesday – Friday in class.

You can find copies and specific directions on the right hand sidebar, as always.

Week 32

This week we will begin working in small groups as we begin to prepare for next month’s SOL test in reading.   We will continue our shared reading novel Heat.

In writing this week we will complete a narrative writing (going through all the steps from planning to final copy) using the following prompt: Your teacher gives you a camera and asks you to take pictures of three things you like at school. Explain what you take pictures of and why you like these things.

In math, we will finish elapsed time and work on prime and composite numbers, as well as even and odd.  On Wednesday, April 25, 2018, we have an assessment on elapsed time, prime/composite and even/odd numbers.  On Thursday we will take the NWEA math MAP test.  This will be our last formal assessment (diagnostic) prior to next month’s SOL testing.

There is homework in all subjects.  Directions and copies are posted on the right hand side.

Week 31

This week we will take our final NWEA Reading diagnostic on Thursday, April 19, 2018.  The expectation is that students will have achieved growth as compared to Fall testing.

In reading this week we will continue to work on locating evidence in informational passages and formulating opinions.  The focus will be on differentiating between fact and opinion.  We will review last week’s hashtag writing and work on a second opinion/evidence-based passage.    We will finish our shared reading of  Heat.  Students will take an open-book assessment and then all take the A. R. test on the novel once finished.  We will work on vocabulary, complete a portion of a practice released test, and read and respond to the article Invasion of the Jellyfish from StoryWorks.

In math we will continue with SOL 5.14 and assess subdividing figures while we learn about translations, reflections, and rotations.  We will begin SOL 5.11 Elapsed Time.

In science, we will work on reviewing SOL 4.2 Force, Motion, and Energy, SOL 5.1 Scientific Investigation, and review SOL 5.4 Matter vocabulary.

Week 30- Welcome back after Spring Break!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Spring Break and time off.

This week, we will focus on finishing our chapter books in our small groups and will have a quiz Thursday in social studies on USI.9a the causes of the Civil War.  You will be given new notes in both science and social studies.

You only have homework in math this week.

Week 28

We are nearing the time for review and benchmarks!  This week, we will take the math benchmark on Thursday, March 22, 2018.

Our science benchmark will be Monday, March 26, 2018, and our reading benchmark will be Wednesday, March 28, 2018.

We will continue and finish the social studies Inventions PBA this week, too.  You also have a review test on Wednesday in science on 5.6 Oceans and 5.7 Earth.  We will go review the test and go over it, to help prepare us for the benchmark next week.

All homework is posted on the right hand side under each specific subject.

Week 27

This week we will work on the social studies’ PBA for the third nine weeks on inventions.  Students will create a movie proposal (for a documentary) and a movie poster with all of the four inventions (steamboat, steam locomotive, cotton gin, and the reaper.

In math, we will work on classifying and measuring angles (SOL 5.12) and classifying triangles (5.13).

In reading we will work on figurative language and complete an I Have Who Has, a paired concentration game, partner plays, and practice sheets.  On Friday, we will take a test on figurative language after extensive reteaching and reviewing.