Nov 13-17

New HW
Read pages 248-253 and complete 1-4 on page 253
Read pages 254-260 and complete 1-4 on page 260
Read pages 261-268 and complete 1-3 on page 268
Read pages 270-271 and complete 1-3 on page 271
Define all vocabulary words on 274 20 total words

Blocks 2,4, HW due November 17
Blocks 1,3,5,7 HW due November 20

Parent teacher conferenceĀ is Friday November 17 from 1:15-5:15 Please feel free to visit no appointments required. If you cannot make this time please contact guidance to set up a conference. Hopefully I’ll see you soon!!!!!!!!!

web quest on Continental

Plate Tectonics Lab PHET

Plate tectonics project:
quarter 2 plate tectonics project 2017 all classes

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