Jan 23-27

NO HW this week

All late work must be made up by Thursday Jan 26 this includes tests, quizzes and Homework

I will be staying back Tuesday Jan 24 and Thursday Jan 26 In addition I am here every morning at 730


Thursday Jan 26  Block 1 Then a regular Full day(3,5,7)
Friday Jan 27 Blocks 2,4
Monday Jan 30 Block 3,5
Tuesday Jan 31 Blocks 6.7
Wed Feb 1 Blocks 1,3,5 

Jan 27-Feb 1 are half days student dismissal is at 12:20

Study Guide for midterm:
Study Guide midterm 2017

Absolute dating practice
Radioactive Decay Practice worksheet

review on plate tectonics
Plate tectonics webquest

Rocks and minerals review
Rocks and Minerals Webquest

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