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Welcome 2015-2016 School Year

My name is Charles Jewett and I Look forward to another great year here at NRHS. I can be reached by email at  If you have any questions or other issues I may be able to assist you with. I have posted below a welcome letter outlining expectations, supplies, contact information etc. If I can help in any way please do not hesitate to ask.

Welcome to Mr. Jewett’s Science Class 2015-2016 School Year


I look forward to meeting and working with you all. Please find information below regarding the curriculum, my classroom expectations, and contact information.



Contact me:

Phone #: 923-4104 room 226
Blog address:


Tutoring: by appt as requested & with a signed tutoring pass by the teacher.


Supply list: (1) 2 inch binder with 300 sheets of loose leaf paper, 1 pack of construction paper, pencils, pens, a metric ruler and a 4 function calculator.


Classroom Expectations:

*Students should arrive to class on time, with materials and homework ready when class begins.

* Students should be respectful of themselves and others.

* Students should raise hands when wishing to answer or requesting something.

* No food or drink is allowed in class

* All other Suffolk School policies as stated in the student handbook will be enforced


Homework All HW is due on the due date before the bell rings. Any HW handed in after the bell or in the next class will receive a grade of 50. No late HW will be accepted after the next class and the grade will be recorded as a 0.


Abscences: Students have 5 school days to make up late work after the 5 days is up any and all work not made up will be recorded as a 0.


Tests/Quizzes Students must make arrangements with the teacher to take make up quizzes and tests. I am available after school or before school. NO MAKE UPS ARE ALLOWED DURING CLASS. Failure to make arrangements in a timely manner will result in a 0 for that test/quiz grade.


Bathroom usage:  3 bathroom passes will be allowed per student per 9 week period. Bathroom breaks should only be used in emergency situations.


Zeros: Zeros will be recorded for copying HW, Classwork, or cheating on tests and quizzes. Zeros will also be recorded when students fail to complete assignments in the allotted time.


Cell phones /electronic devices: Should not be used, displayed or out during class. If you need to contact your child in an emergency situation you should contact the main office @  923-4104. If cell phones / electronic devices are to be used during class I will make the announcement to the class. This is the only time it is permissible during instruction. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY.


I utilize a Blog and to record assignments, provide notes, projects and study guides. Please utilize the blog for help especially if you have been absent. The blog is updated on a regular basis. I also send out emails On Mondays about upcoming deadlines, assignments, test etc. Please sign up to receive these emails. 


Suffolk Public Schools Grading Scale

Suffolk has adopted a 10-point grading system for this school year utilizing plus and minuses.


Earth Science Standards of Learning The student will investigate and understand:

ES 1 Scientific investigation

ES 2 The nature of science and scientific reasoning and logic

ES 3 Earth and the solar system

ES 4 Minerals

ES 5 Identifying Rocks

ES 6 Renewable and nonrenewable resources.
ES 7 Geologic processes including plate tectonics.

ES 8 Freshwater resources

ES 9 History and evolution of Earth and life

ES 10 Oceanography

ES 11 Atmosphere

ES 12 Meteorology

ES 13 Cosmology