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Week of Jan 13-17

Quarter 2 ends on Friday all late work including make up tests and quizzes must be completed by Thursday

Chapter 5 Vocabulary quiz Tues  Odd Wed  Even

Chapter 10 Vocabulary quiz Thurs Odd Fri Even

Mid Term exam next week study guide under quarter 2 notes


webquest plate tectonics



Week of Jan 6-10

Happy New Year!!!! I hope everybody had a great break!!!
New HW assignment
Read pages 272-275 and complete 1-4 on page 275
Read pages 276-278 and complete 1-5 on page 278
Read pages 280-289 and complete 1-5 on page 289
Complete chapter 10 vocabulary page 294 all words.
mid term study guide under quarter 2 notes.
Have a great week!!!!!!