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Dec 17-18

Quiz on resources next class. study guide under quarter 2 notes. No other  HW assigned.


Dec 10-11

New hw chapter 5 vocabulary due next class. Have a great weekend!!!!!!



HW is to study for your unit test on rocks and minerals. Block 1 study for your quiz on minerals. ALL PROJECTS DUE MON(ODD)TUES(EVEN)> Study guide and project sheet under quarter 2 notes.


Nov 30- Dec 3

New  HW complete review questions pg93 1-4 and pg 97 1-5. Blocks 2,4,7 Vocab quiz chapter 3 next class. Block 5,3 mineral quiz next class study guide under quarter 2 notes.  Study guide for test on rocks and minerals under quarter 2 notes ALL PROJECTS DUE NEXT WEEK>