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Sept 29-oct 1

Study chapter 23 vocabulary quiz next class. Read pages 666-674 and complete questions 1-5 on page 674. Look under quarter 1 notes ofr the project for quarter 1



Sept 26-27

New HW read pages 660-665 and complete questions 1-5 on page 665. Pre test tomorrow.


Sept 24-25

NEW HW chapter 23 vocabulary due. Study chapter 22 vocabulary we have a quiz next class.
link for lab located below

5th block only



Sept 18-19

Hw assignment due is to read pages 635-642 and complete questions 1-5 on page 642. Safety contracts are due. Composition notebooks required for class


Sept 14-17

HW due read pages 628-633 and complete questions 1-5 on page 633. Bring safety contracts and composition notebooks to class.


Sept 12-13

NO HW. Composition must be available next class. Safety contracts due!!!! Books will be distributed next class. HW will begin next class.


Sept 10-11

NO HW assigned. Safety contracts due. All students must have their composition notebooks for class starting today no exceptions!!!!! Link for density lab: