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Dec 20-21

No HW have a safe and happy break. On the first day back from break we will be doing notes renewable resources notes.


Dec 12-13

Study for unit test on Rocks and minerals. Study guide is under quarter 2 notes. PROJECTS ARE DUE EVEN CLASS  THURSDAY DEC  15 ODD FRIDAY DEC 16


Dec 8-9

Read pages 103-109 complete 1-5 on page 109. Vocabulary quiz next block on chapter 4 words. Study guide questions are available under quarter 2 notes have a great weekend!!!! BRING YOUR TEXTBOOK FOR THE NEXT CLASS


Dec 6-7

Hw read pages 99-102 complete 1-5 on page 102 Also complete chapter 4 Vocabulary for HW. Notes under quarter 2 notes are Unit 4-day 6 metamorphic rock  Projects Due Dec 15 Even Dec 16 odd


Dec 2-5

New hw read pgs 94-97 complete 1-5 on page 97. Notes for next class is under quarter 2 notes unit 4 day 5 sedimentary rocks.


Nov 30-Dec1

Read pgs 90-93 complete questions 1-5 on page 93 Quiz tomorrow om minerals study guide is under quarter 2 notes. Notes unit 4 day 5 igneous rocks