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Feb 28

NO HW notes for next presentation under Quarter3 notes Virginia physio graphic regions


Feb 14-15

Notes are under quarter3 notes unit 6 day 3 fossils. HW due is page 381 questions 1-5 Study guide for quiz on Friday (odd) Tuesday (even) Is under quarter 3 notes Quiz 2 quarter 3


Feb 11

Thanks to all the parents who came out for Parent teacher conference day. Monday will be an ODD day so the HW due is page 377-381 complete questions 1-5 on page 381 Notes for next presentation are under quarter 3 notes Unit 6 day 3 Fossils. EVEN day will meet on Tuesday and we will have our quiz and do our notes on absolute dating. The second half of unit 6 day 2 relative and absolute dating. Have  a great weekend


Feb 7-8

New HW read pages 370-375 and complete questions on page 375. Study chapter 13 vocabulary for quiz. Notes under quarter3 notes relative and absolute dating Unit 6 day2


Feb 3-4

New Hw read pages 362-369 complete questions 1-5 on page 369. New Vocabulary is Chapter 13 words the words are: absolute age, carbon film, cast, fossil, half-life, index fossil, mold, permineralized remains, principle of super position, radioactive decay, radiometric dating, relative age, unconformity, uniformitarianism
Notes for presentation Unit 6 day 2 under quarter 3 notes


Feb 1-2

New HW assignment Read pages 392-399 complete question 1-5 on pg 399. Notes for next presentation under quarter 3 notes chapter 6 day 1