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March 29-30

All late HW is due on Wed April 16 No exceptions!!!
Study Guide for Test on erosion, deposition and Weathering located under quarter3 notes
All power points have been added to the quarter 3 notes section


March 19-22

read pgs 239-248 and complete section review on pg 248.
Notes for presentation on Water chapter 9 section 1 available under quarter 3 notes


March 15-16

HW read pages 215-220 complete questions 1-5 on page 220
Vocab words Due next class Abrasion,Creep, deflation, deposition, dune, erosion, glacier, loess, mass movement, moraine, outwash, plucking, slump, till


march 11-12

Read pgs 210-214 and complete question 1-5 on page 214
I have placed the notes for the next chapter 8 under the quarter 3 note section You may print them out and bring them to class. NOTE: I will not be
Printing notes to hand out in class. If you do not print them you may still
Copy the notes from the power points.
Have a great weekend!!!


March 9-10

No new HW page 187 and pg 194 questions 1-5 for each is the last assigned HW
Quiz number 3 is next in all blocks except 1 
Study guide is located under Quarter 3 notes


March 4-5

HW is read pgs 188-194 complete questions 1-5 on page 194
Powerpoints for chapter 7 are available under quarter 3 notes