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New Hw assignment read pgs 120-129 and complete questions 1-5 on pg 129
Projects will not be accepted after tomorrow Friday Dec  18

New Vocabulary words are: Coal, Biomass energy, fossil fuels, geothermal energy, hydroelectric energy, natural gas, mineral resources, nuclear energy, oil, recycle, solar energy.

Enjoy your holiday and enjoy your break from school!!!!!!!!


Dec 14-15

No HW except study for your test on WED-Thurs

study guide is available on line under quarter 2 notes


Dec 2-3

HW read pages 103-109 and complete questions 1-5 on page 109
Flash Cards are due on Friday for Odd classes Mon for even classes
Project due Friday Dec 11 a copy is listed on the right side of the page under quarter 2 notes


Nov 30 Dec 1

The next Homework assignment is read pgs 90-93 and complete questions 1-5
There will be a quiz this week on minerals
Study guide will be under notes
New Vocabulary: Basaltic, Cementation, Compaction, Extrusive,
Foliated, Granite, Igneous rock, Intrusive, Lava,
Metamorphic rock, nonfoliated, Rock Cycle, Sediement,
Sedimentary rock Due Friday Dec 4 for odd and Monday Dec7 for even
REMINDER: projects are due FRIDAY DEC 11 you can find the project requirements under Notes quarter 2