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Nov 20-23

Homework assignment read pgs 68-72 complete question 1-5 on page 72 Due Tuesday NOV 24 (odd day) and Wed  Nov 25 (even day)
NO HW until we get back from Thanksgiving break.


Nov 17-18

The second quarter has begun. The first HW assignment is to read pgs 62-66 and answer questions 1-5 on page 66. Flash card vocabulary words are: Cleavage, crystal, fracture, specific gravity, hardness, luster, magma, ore mineral, streak, silicate.
The minerals powerpoint is under quarter 2 notes. Also the project is listed under quarter 2 notes.


Nov 6-9

Please note the study guide under Notes it is the first document and says ” Study Guide for Quarterly test 1 2009″.
We will begin minerals and rocks after Nov 10 next week


Nov 3-4

Nine week testing begins on Friday Nov 6 and continues on Monday the 9, and amke ups on the 10th. All late work is due by Nov 6. I will not accept any work after this point. This study guide for the 9 week test is under notes. Good Luck!!!!!!!