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Oct 2-5

We will have a quiz on Fri odd classes

Mon even classes

Study notes on Earth the seasons eclipses, solar system,including asteroids and meteors, The sun (layers of the atmosphere) and the moon (phases and tides)

No other Homework is assigned


Homework due sept 30/ Oct 1

The next Homework assignment is on page 721 complete questions 10-19 in addition flash cards are due!!! The words are Chromosphere, solar system, Jupiter, photosphere, corona, comet, full moon, sunspot, new moon, meteor
Closure – Explain what force holds the planets and moons in their orbits??

Honors — project on Experimental design is due On Sept 30

Quiz on Friday on Earth, Seasons, Tilt, Eclipses, Inner planets, outer planets, the sun and moon. Any questions please blog me!!!!!!!!



All notes for my class can be  found under notes!!!!!



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Homework 9/25/09

the current hw assignment is due sept 28,29 read pages 710-715 and complete the questions 1-5 on page 715 the vocabulary flash cards are the following and due sept30/oct1

Sunspot, chromosphere, photosphere, Jupiter, full moon, new moon, comet, meteor, corona, solar system