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4/17—-Blocks 1,3,5,7———-WB pp. 295 and 299–even numbered problems–Volume


11/19—Work on your Geometry Scavenger Hunt project and study for your quiz on classifying triangles/triangle inequalities.  Your project is due on 11/21 and 11/22.  Your quiz will be administered on the same day that your projects are due.


11/10—Blocks 1,3,5,7—Finish the assignment on constructions.

Block 4–Logic Test on Monday


10/26—-Finish the homework that was due on last class from your textbook. TB pp. 197-201. Write the notes from pp. 197-200 and complete the Lesson check from p. 201. It is a flipped classroom assignment.









Blocks 1,3,5—

WB p. 13–Segment addition Postulate

Pre-testing tomorrow

Blocks 4 and 7–If you did not turn in your Equation Puzzle, please turn it in on next class.


Block 4:  Finish the Points, Lines, and Planes WS



Blocks 1,3,5
Two-step equation puzzle
Blocks 4,7
Properties Equation WS


Geometry Homework–9/6-9/7

Return signed syllabus
Complete Smiling Face WS
Note: You do not have to complete the opposite side of the worksheet. It will be completed during class.
See you on the next class period.



2016-2017 School year


5/17—G.6-G.7 from the SOL review packet is due on next class. Finish the class work on area of a polygon.


5/13–Continue to practice using Jefferson Lab, SOL review(blog), and VDOE SOL Practice items.

Block 7 SOL exam is on May 19th.


Chesterfield-Geo_SOLReviewItems12-13   5/9—Complete G.3-G.4 from the SOL review Packet



40 Questions Jefferson Lab

TB p. 737, #’s 2-22 even


Homework—4/29—Jefferson Lab 40 questions

Tessellation Project due on 4/2 and 4/3


4/25—WB p. 289–Surface area of Prisms and Cylinders



WB p. 235–Symmetry
Quadrilateral Test on next class.

Note: Remember to continue with your practice—Jefferson Lab—20 questions quiz grade.

SOL review packet

4/20—Quadrilateral Test on 4/22 and 4/25
Work on the Tessellation Project

4/18—Remember that the Quadrilateral review is DUE next class. You should also be working on the SOL REVIEW PACKET THAT WAS UPLOADED TO MY BLOG.

4/14—Complete the Quadrilateral Test Review

4/11-12–Study for your 3rd nine weeks test. Your test is on 4/13 and 4/14. You must turn in your nine weeks review(yellow) on test day.

4/6–Block 3 and 7—20 questions Jefferson Lab. Finish your 3rd nine weeks review!!!!!. It was due today.

        Blocks 2, 4, 6—-10 questions Jefferson Lab and your 3rd nine weeks review is due tomorrow.


4/4-4/5——-SOL Review—Jefferson  Lab 10 questions. SOL Review-Packet—-Print it out and bring it to class.

                Also complete the 3rd nine weeks review(yellow). You received these assignments before the break.


3/21-22–Finish WB p. 151 on parallelograms

3/15—Blocks 2,4,6,7–WB p. 147

Block 3–Study for Circle Test. Test on tomorrow

3/14-15—-    Circle Test on the next class period. Remember to complete your test review. It is a quiz grade.

3/9-10—Test Review on Circle. circles-test-1-review

3/7-8—Complete the Angles in A Circle WS–It is a CW assignment.

Remember to practice how to find the area of a segment.


Complete #’s 13-21 from the Segment of a Circle WS. This is the other part of your quiz review. #’s 1-12 was done in class collaboratively.  Segments.10.6 Homework worksheet

2/23-24—segments in a circle 4Homework–segments in a circle worksheet. It will be graded as a class-work assignment.


2/18-2/19—TB p. 794, #7, TB p. 795, #’s 15-18, # 24. Arc Length and Area of the Sector Quiz on next class.

2/12-2/16—Circle Mask Project due on the next class period for blocks 2, 4, and 6.  Project was due today for blocks 3 and 7

2/10-11——–   Textbook page  655 #’s 30-35

                                 pages 663-664 #’s 8-22 even
Note—Your Circle Clown Mask is due on 2/16th and 2/17th. It is a test grade.


2/5-8—–Work on Circle Clown Mask. It is a test grade. It is due on 2/ 16th and 2/17th.


1/8-11—Finish your Special Right Triangles and Trigonometry packet including the word problems.

11/30:  Blocks 3 and 7–Finish the Odyssey assignments on Triangle Congruence.

Blocks 2, 4 and 6:  You will be using laptops tomorrow to begin the Odyssey assignments. You may start on the Odyssey assignments at home.

Geometry–Blocks 2, 4, 6, 7—Proving Triangles Congruent Using SSS, SAS and ASA WS. (It is attached)

Angle Sum and Exterior Sum Theorem on next class period.

Block 3—TB pp. 221-222——#’s 2-28 even

11/12-13—WB pp. 75-76,  #’s 2-10 even 14 and 16









11/5—-Logic Quiz on Edmodo.    Use the Logic Review as your study guide for your Logic Test.   Test tomorrow.


Continue to practice your constructions.



9/22—Complete the 4 Segment Addition Practice Problems and the Distance and Midpoint Activity. Quiz on Segment Addition on Thursday and Friday. Unit 1 Test on Oct 1st and 2nd.


5/11-12——–Odyssey assignment is due . Turn in any missing assignments.


4/30–5/1: 40 Questions Jefferson Lab.

If you did not turn in or email me the previous Jefferson lab assignment, you must do so by next class as well.


4/28-29–Jefferson Lab Practice 20 questions. You must email  me the results or print-out a copy of the results to hand in to me.    If you have misplaced your SOL Review packet, you can find a copy on the home page of my blog.


4/24-27: Finish Geometry SOL review packet and WB p. 307.


4/14-15:  All blocks: TB p. 677, #’s 1-13 and TB p. 752, #’s 11-16





3/20–Odyssey assignment on circles

You will also need to start working on your study guide for the 3rd nine weeks.


3/19—–WB p. 275–Circle Properties

Your Polygon Test is on the next class period. If you  need a study guide, check the home page on my blog. Remember that you will have a formula quiz each class period until the SOL exam is administered.


3/9——Study for the Quadrilateral Test. Your test is on the next class period. Use your test review handout as a guide.

If you did not turn in TB p. 403, #’s 1-16 and/or complete the Odyssey assignment, you have until Wednesday, March 11th.


Geometry: 3/2—–Blocks 2.4,6,7—Odyssey assignment; Study for formula quiz

Blocks 3,5—-Odyssey assignment;


Geometry: 2/9—Blocks 2,4,6—Textbook pages-518-519, #’s 2-20 even. Formula quiz2 next class.

Blocks 3,5,7—Study for your Right Triangle Trigonometry Test

Test on Next class period.  Use study guide that you worked on in class today.


Geomety: 2/5—-Blocks 3,5,7—Textbook pages 518-519, #’s 2-20 even.

Blocks 2,4,6—-Study for your formula quiz1—

All classes–Turn in any missing assignments for the 3rd nine weeks that you have not completed by next class period.

Geometry” 1/29—–TB p. 510 #’s 1-19 all Right trigonometry ratios.  Quiz on Pythagorean theorem and special right triangles on next class.


Geometry: 1/12-13—-Study for test using test review from pp. 480-483.  Test on 1/14-15.    Complete #’s 1-20 from 2nd nine weeks study guide. A copy of the study guide is on the home page of the blog.


Geometry: 12/16–Block 2–Study for your triangle congruence test. Your test is on tomorrow, 12/17th. Use the test review that is included on the blog.

Blocks 3,4,5,6,7—If you did not turn in your test review for the triangle congruence test, please do so by tomorrow morning. It is a homework grade and you will get 5 points added to your test grade for completing it.

Any student who missed the test will need to stay back on Thursday during the tutoring session to complete it.


Geometry: 12/11—–Triangle Congruence Test Review. Test on Monday and Tuesday for Blocks 4,6,7 and Blocks 3,5 respectively. Block 2 will take their test on Wednesday.


Geometry:  12/4——Geometry 5.5 WS, #’s 2-32 even. Quiz on proving triangles congruent on next class period.

: 11/18-19—–WB p. 91, #’s 2-20 even

Study for quiz on classifying triangles/angles, angle sum and exterior angle theorem. Quiz on next class  period.


Geometry: 11/6-7—–Study for your Logic Test. Use your Logic Test review handout that you worked on during class to prepare for the test.


Geometry: 10/27-28–Complete the 1st nine weeks study guide(#’s 14-28).



Geometry: 10/22-23—Complete #’s 1-13 from the 1st nine weeks study guide. Parallel Lines Test on 10/23 and 10/24.


Geometry: 10/17-20—–Study for your quiz on Parallel lines/Transversal/ Angle Pairs and Slopes.Use the practice sheets to review. Your  Quiz is next class.


Geometry: 10/15-16——Block 4–Finish writing logical statements for your four conditional statements. Quiz on Parallel Lines on next class

Blocks 2, 3,5,6 and 7–Look over your notes on  Parallel Lines and the transversal. Quiz on next class on parallel lines.


Geometry: 10/13-14—–WB p. 59, #’s 27 odd



Geometry: 10/6—–If you did not complete the flash cards for the vocabulary words, you have an extra homework assignment in addition to pp. 201-202.


Geometry: 10/3-6——-Textbook page 201, #’s 1-10 all, and page 202, #’s 15-18 all


Geometry: 10/1-2——Textbook page 801 #’s 8-28 even.  If you did not turn in WB page 27, please do so on the  next class period.


Geometry: 9/16-17——Complete midpoint and distance WS; Quiz on segment addition postulate on next class


Geometry: 9/12-15——Complete Practice 1-3 p. 11 on Measuring Segments using the segment addition rule. If you did not turn in the assignment on Points, Lines, and Planes, please do so on the next class period.


Geometry: 5/26–Study for Vocabulary Test-Use the attached voc list. Test on May 30th.


Geometry: 4/7– Study for 3rd nine weeks review. #’s 48-53 is due on tomorrow–4/8.  Open notes Circles test tomorrow.  Use your study quide to prepare.


Geometry: 3/13-WB p. 167–Trapezoid Practice

Study for quiz on Rectangles/squares/rhombi.  Quiz tomorrow.


Geometry: 2/18–Block2–Finish trigonometric functions class work if you did not turn it in today.  It is due tomorrow .

All blocks:  Work on  Mathematician’s Project.  It is due on February 28th.

Study for trig quiz. Quiz is on Friday, February 21st.


Geometry: 2/5–Review notes on the special right triangles theorems and midpoint/distance/slope formulas.


Geometry: 1/21—Study for your midterm exam. The Exam review will be collected on the day of your exam.


Geometry: 1/15–Study for Test on Ratio/Proportions and Similar Polygons. Test tomorrow


Geometry: 1/13–Midterm Review #’s 31-46 due on 1/15


Geometry: 1/10—Midterm Review #’s 16-31 due on 1/14


Geometry: 1/9—Midterm Review #’s 1-15 due on 1/1. Triangle Inequalities quiz on tomorrow.


Geometry: 1/7-8——–Midterm Review #’s 1-15 due on 1/10.  Triangle Inequalities quiz on 1/10/14



Geomeetry: 10/14—Complete workbook p. 21.  Review your notes on parallel lines and transversal.  If you have work that has not been turned in, please complete it and turn it in on the next class period.

Geometry: 9/17–WB p. 27    Midpoint and Distance Formula

Geometry: 9/16—-Segment addition postulate quiz on 9/19.  Use your Quiz review that you worked on today to study.



Algebra2: 5/23—Blocks 4,6,7—Finish WB p. 379.  Quiz on next class period.

Algebra2: 5/7–Blocks 1 and 3—WB p. 313; Normal distribution;  Study for your SOL .  Use Jefferson Lab website for extra practice.

Blocks 4 and 6—finish the normal distribution and central tendencies WS

Algebra2: 5/ 6–Block 7–Finish WB p. 313 ; Normal distribution


Algebra2: 5/1-2—SOL practice #’s 31-50

Algebra2: 4/29-30–SOL practice #’s 21-30

Algebra2: 4/19:  SOL Homework #1      1-20.  Will be graded for accuracy.


Algebra2: 4/17-18:  WB p. 207—Natural log

Algebra2: 4/15-16: WB page 203, #s 2-30 even; 

Algebra2: 4/11-12:  Block 1–WB p. 199, #’s 2-20 even;  Blocks 3,4,6,7—WB p. 199, #’s 2-38even

                                              Solving Exponential Functions and Simplifying Log and Exponents Functions Quiz on next class period.

Algebra2: 3/21-22   3rd nine weeks review, #’s 21-46,  Blocks 4 and 6 will also take a quiz on rational and exponential equations on next class


Algebra2: 3/18-19–Blocks 1 ,3, and 7–3rd nine weeks review, #’s 8-20.  Block 1 will also complete #’s 1-10 from WB  Variations

                                             Blocks 4 and 6—-3rd nine weeks review, #’s 8-20


Algebra2:  3/15–Blocks 1 and 3—Study for Test on Rational Functions

                                       Blocks 7—TB p. 551, #’s 12-16   Rational Inequalities practice

Algebra2: 3/5–Blocks 4 and 6: Section 8-3 definitions due on next class.

                                    Block 7——Finish graphs of rational functions Handout

Algebra2: 3/4– Blocks 1 and 3:   Sections 8-3 definitions due on next class

                                     Block 7—WB p. 219, #’s 1-4 and 17-20

Algebra2: 2/26-27—TB p. 539, #’s 11-21 all. Adding and Subtracting Rational  Expressions

Algebra2: 2/19-20: WB p. 223, #’s 1-16 all and #22.    Quiz on next class period.


Algebra2: 2/11-12:  Use test review sheet to study for Radical Functions Test.  Test on 2/14-15.

                              Blocks 1, 3, and 7 will work on test review sheet during class on 2/13/13

Algebra2:  2/8: Blocks 1, 3, 4,6—WB p. 173   Solving Radical Equations

                         Block7–  WB p. 183,  Graphing Radical Functions

Algebra2: 2/4: Blocks 1, 3, 7—-Study for quiz on solving radical equations

                                    Blocks 2, 4—–Complete WB p. 171, #’s 2-24 even(Solving radical equations)

Algebra2: 1/15-16–Midterm review #2. Remember that it is a quiz grade.  Test on radical operations on 1/17 and 1/18. 


Algebra2: 1/9—Study for Test on composition and inverse of functions. Use  textbook page 353, #’s 7-9 and page 427, #’s 18-20  and 23-28


Algebra2: 1/7-8—WB p. 179, #’s 1-21 odd, inverse of functions


Algebra 2:  1/3-4–WB p. 175,  #’s 1- 23 odd on finding the composition of functions


Algebra2: 12/12–13——-WB p. 123, #;s 1-4,  7-10, #’s 12,  13-19 odd;  Polynomial Functions, Zeros, Factors   Quiz  12/18 and 12/19


Algebra2: 12/6-12/7——-WB p. 119 #’s 2-30 even

Test on Complex Numbers/Quadratic Systems and Polynomial Functions on 12/10 and 12/11


Algebra2:  12/5–Blocks 1, 3, 4,6–Finish WB pp. 113, 115, and 117

                                    Block 7: WB p. 119 #’s 2-30 even


Algebra2: 11/28-29—–WB pp.115-116—#;s 2-24even–solving quadratic/linear  and quadratic/quadratic systems


Algebra2: 11/26-27–Cross number puzzle

Algebra2: 11/21———Turn in any missing assignments on next class period. Cross number puzzle is available on the blog.

Algebra2: 11/19-20——-Cross number puzzle–complex numbers.  It is due on 11/27 and 11/28 for blocks 1,3,4,6


Algebra2: 11/9-13——-Blocks 4 and 6–WB pp. 95-96, #’s 2-4, 7-9, 28-40even–Factoring quadratic equations

                                                 Blocks 1,3,7—–WB p. 111, #1-6 and 10-15—–Complex numbers

Algebra2:11/7-11/8——Blocks 1,3,7—WB pp. 95-96,  #’s 2-4, 7-9,  28-40 even (Factoring review using the guess and check method and the slip and slide method)


Algebra2: 11/2-11/5—-Block1,3,4,6,7–Complete nine weeks test review sheet. Nine weeks test is on next class period.  The college tuition and 1st nine weeks test review sheet are due next class as well.


Algebra2: 10/31-11/1—-Blocks4 and 6–Study for Unit2 Test.  Blocks 1,3,7–Work on Scatter plot project and nine weeks review.  Nine weeks review is due on Next class period.


Algebra2: 10/ 25-26—Complete Unit2 Test Review. Work on College Tuition project.


Algebra2: 10/24–Start researching info on scatterplot project. 


Algebra2: 10/22-23–Blocks 1,3,6,7—Finish Parent function activity. Block 4–textbook p.46–#’s 20-36even(If you did not turn it in on today).  College tuition scatter-plot linear regression project is due on November 2nd  and 5th  for all classes.  It is a test grade.


Algebra2: 10/17-18—-Blocks 1,3,7: textbook pp. 46, #’s 20-36 even;  Block 4,6: study for quiz on scatter-plots and absolute value equations


Algebra2: 10/15-16—Blocks 1,3,4,6: WB p. 43-44. Quiz on scatter-plots and solving absolute value equations on next class.  Block 7–study for quiz


Algebra2: 10/11-12–Blocks 1 and 7: Solving Absolute value equations–#’s 1-10

                                           Blocks 3 and 6:  Scatter-plots from PowerPoint


Algebra2: 10/4–Blocks 1,3,4,6:  WB page 35-Slope and Linear Equations

                                   Block 7: WB page 39-#’s 1-16 all;  Writing linear equations


Algebra2: 9/19–Blocks 1 and 3—Finish class work on solving inequalities using interval notation.  Quiz on next class.

                                  Block 4  Study for quiz on interval notation and properties

                                   Block 6 WB page 23, #’s 17-20

                                     Block 7  #’s 1-10   Compound inequality and Interval notation  WS.   

Algebra2:  9//10-9/11——-WB pages 19-20, #’s 2-12 even, #’s 16 and 18

Equation and Inequality Quiz on 9/12 for Block 7 and 9/13-9/14 for Blocks 1,3,4, 6

Algebra2: Blocks 1,3,4,6  –9/6-9/7——-Smiling Faces Equations WS

                      Block 7—-Scavenger Hunt for School Handbook WS



Geometry: 4/30—SOL packet–#’s 42-56. Formula quiz and SOL review quiz on next class.

Algebra 1:  4/30—-SOL review packet—–Sections   1  thru 5.

You will receive additional items on direct/inverse variation and statistics( z-scores, mean absolute deviation, and standard deviation).

Geometry: 4/23—SOL packet–#’s 29-41 due on 4/25.

Formula quiz #4 tomorrow.  #’s 15-28 from packet due on tomorrow.

Algebra 1 Pt2:  4/23—-WB p. 163  Scatter-plots

Geometry: 4/18—SOL packet—#’s 15-28.  Formulas quiz tomorrow.  Study the flashcards that you made before Spring Break.  Symmetry and Transformation quiz on 4/23.

Algebra 1 Pt2:  4/18—-Finish the Quadratic Formula Graphic organizer.  Quiz on graphing quadratic equations on 4/20-4/23.

Geometry: 4/16——-SOL Review packet #’s 1-14

Algebra 1 Pt2: 4/16——WB p. 255, #’s 1-6, #’s 11-16

Geometry: 3/15—–WB p. 275  Area of a sector

Algebra 1 Pt2 3/15—–Block 5   Square and Cube roots WB page

                                                  Block 7    Cube roots

Geometry: 3/14—–Finish WB p. 273,  Circumference and arc length.  Review formulas

Algebra1 Pt2:  3/14—-Block 6–complete the square roots worksheet(orange)

Geometry: 2/27-2/28—Parallelogram WS

                    Study for mid-  nine weeks test.  Test is on Thursday-3/1

Algebra1  Part2:  2/27–2/28—WB p. 247;  Study for mid-nine weeks test.  Test on 2/29th and 3/1.

Geometry: 2/24–Parallelogram WS. Due on Next class period(2/28). No excuses.

Algebra 1 Part2: 2/24–Blocks 5, 7—Factoring WS–combination of all methods.

Geometry: 2/23–Study for quiz on polygons. Quiz tomorrow.

Algebra 1 Pt2: 2/23—Block 5—Study for quiz on factoring trinomials(a >1) using the slip-slide method.

                                                  Blocks 6 and 7—review notes on factoring. Complete any missing assignments.

Geometry: Finish class-work assignment, ” Angle of elevation and Depression WS”(green)

Algebra 1 Pt2: Block 6–Study for factoring trinomial quiz.

                               Block 5, 7–complete WB p. 241

Algebra 1 Pt2: 2/8-9—study for quiz on factoring trinomials. Quiz on Monday and Tuesday of next week.

Geometry: 2/9—-Study for trig Test. Test on 2/13.

Geometry:  1/17–Finish Midterm review. Chapter 7 Test2 tomorrow.

Algebra 1 Pt2:  1/17—Midterm review, #’s 11-20

Test on Polynomials and Monomials on 1/18-19/12.

Geometry Lab: 1/10/12  Finish Pythagorean Theorem Activity.  Test on Chapter 7 on tomorrow

Algebra 1 Part2:  1/10/12    Polynomial puzzle

 Block 7–Multiplying polynomial WS.   Polynomials Test changed to 1/11(odd)  and 1/12(even).

Geometry:  1/9/12   Midterm review  #’s 1-28

 Algebra 1 Pt2:    Polynomial Puzzle                      

Geometry Lab: 1/4/12—-Finish WB p. 185

Geometry: 1/3/12—-pp.444-445, #’s 2-20 even

Alg 1 Pt2:  p. 483,  #’s 9-14 all; 29-34 all

Geometry: 12/19    finish WB  p. 187  Similar triangles. Quiz on triangle inequalities on 12/20

Algebra 1 Pt2:12/19   finish worksheet on adding and subtracting polynomials.   Quiz on 12/20 -12/21


Geometry: 12/16   none

Algebra1: 12/16     Blocks 5 and 7   Turkey exponent activity


Geometry:  12/15–Study for Congruent triangle test

Algebra 1:   Blocks 6 and 7–finish exponent lottery activity


Geometry:  Work on Geometry poster project.  Test on congruent triangle unit on Wednesday.

Algebra1 Pt2:  Turn in all  missing assignments by next class.


Geometry  –Study for isosceles and equilateral triangle quiz. Quiz on next class period.

Algebra 1 Pt2– Quiz on monomials on next class period. Turn in all missing homework assignments by next class.


GeometryLab—-work on Geomety project. It is due on  Dec. 15th.

Algebra1 pt2—p.424, #’s 12-38 even


December 6th    Geometry—textbook pp. 253-254, #’s 1-19 all

                                 Algebra1 Pt2—Block7    textbook p. 424, #’s 12-38even


December 5    Geometry—Finish the Isosceles triangle activity

                                 Algebra 1 Pt2–pp. 436-437, #’s 10-36 even


December 2—Geometry: Finish the  Isosceles Triangle WS

                                  Algebra 1 Pt2: pg. 436-437, #’s 10- 36 even


December 1—Geometry:  Contruent Triangle Quiz tomorrow

Algebra 1 Pt2: Graphing Inequalities and System of Inequalities Test on tomorrow(12/2)  and Monday(12/5).



October 27th–Geometry–1st nine weeks review–#’s 1-16

                                    Algebra1-lst nine weeks review–#’s 1-16. Note: Blocks 6 and 7–  If you did not turn in p. 371 from the textbook.  It is due tomorrow.

October 25-26–Algebra 1-p. 371, #’s 12-22even. 

                                   Geometry—finish mathematical tissue box

October 6th

Geometry–study for your vocabulary quiz. Quiz tomorrow

Alg1–Complete study guide on functions and relations. Vocabulary quiz Friday and Monday(Block 5)

October 5th

Geometry–flashcard due–Study for vocabulary quiz. Quiz on Friday.

Algebra 1 Part2—flashcard due–Study for vocabulary quiz. Complete Study guide worksheet on relations and functions

October 3rd

Geometry–flashcards of your Unit 1 words due on Wednesday. The list was on the board. Test on Friday

September 8th and 9th

Block 2–finish the “Equations involving two operations” sheet. Remember to show your work. Equations Quiz on Monday.  Use the review sheet.

Block 5,6,7–Scavenger hunt worksheet must be turn in by tomorrow.   Equations quiz on Monday and Tuesday. Use your notes and the “smiling face” worksheet as a study guide

September 6-7

Complete the Scavenger hunt sheet for your student handbook.


June 9-10

Study for final exam.

6/14—Block 1—regular schedule

6/15–Blocks 2/4   Early dismissal

6/16–Blocks 6/7    Early dismissal

6/17–Blocks 3/5    Early dismissal

June 7-8

Finish your final exam review.  It is due next class.Chapter 12 Quiz 2 on next class period. This will also include vocabulary words from the unit.

June 2

Complete Sections 12.1 and 12.2, p. 854

June 1

Blocks 2,4,6,7——complete homework on permutations/combinations.  p.854, Sections 12.1  and 12.2

Block 3—Study for quiz on 12-1, sequence, and series.

May 31

p. 854, Sections 12-1 and 12.2.   Quiz on Section 12-1 , sequence, and series on next class period. 

May 10-11

Jefferson Lab 40 questions


You will have a Practice SOL test tomorrow and Thursday.Please remember to complete the Jefferson Lab 20 questions. It was due on the last class period.

April 29th-May 2nd

Complete 20 Algebra 2 questions on the Jefferson Lab website. Print the results out or email the results including the questions to me.   Complete A2.4 and A2.5 from the SOL review packet.

Practice SOL test given on the next c lass period.

April 28th

Blocks 2,4.6   Study for quiz on Chapter 10

Blocks 3, 7–complete 20 questions from the Jefferson Lab website.(Algebra2).  Email me the results or print it out.  It is due on Monday.  Also complete SOL A2.1, A2.4, and A2.5 from the SOL review packet. 


April 27th-28th

Study for quiz2 on logarithm and exponential. Write definitions of words highlighted in yellow from Sections 11.1 thru 11.4. You will also need to copy the formulas for arithmetic sequence and series, geometric sequence and series, and any  examples pertaining to the formulas.

April 25-26

SOL Review packet due on next class.  No exceptions.

April 13th-14th

Study for quiz on sections 10-1 and 10-2.  Quiz on next class period.  complete #’s 544, #’s 18-32 even.

April 12th

p. 536, #’s 22-40even

April 11th

Blocks 3 and 7—p. 536, #’s 22-40even

Blocks 2,4,6–p. 528, #’s 46-56even

March 31st-April1st

Study for 3rd nine weeks test. Complete solving rational equations worksheet.

March 29th-30th

Nine weeks review questions #’s 21-40

Vocabulary quiz3 on 3/31-4/1

March 25th-28th

3rd nine weeks review, #’s 1-20

March 23rd-24th

Study for quiz on multiplying/dividing/adding/subtracting rational expressions.

March 21st-22nd

Work on your Conics’ Project. It is due on the next class period.

March 15th-16th

Study for your chapter 8 test.  Test on March 17th(odd) and 18th(even).  Use the conics review as your study guide.  It is due as well.

March 10th-11th

Complete definition WS.  Start working on Conics’ project. Due March 23 and 24.  No late projects will be accepted.

March 8th -9th

Finish workbook p. 113,  #’s 1-12.  Quiz on ellipse and hyperbola on next class period.

March 7th-Blocks 3 and 7

Conic sections graphing worksheet-It will be graded for accuracy.

March 3th and 4th—review notes on writing ellipse and hyperbola equations in standard form. 

February 28th-March 1st

Complete Practice WS on Circles. You will need to print it from the blog or open the file and complete the problems from the handout.

February 24th-25th

Blocks 3 and 7–Practice WS on equations and graph of parabolas.

Blocks 2,4,6–p. 414, #’s 10-14even   ; p. 415,  #’s 24-28 even

                               p. 423, #’s 1-8 all.

February 23rd(blocks 3 and 7)

p. 414, #’s 10-14 even;  p. 415, #’s 24-28 even;

p.423, #’s 1-8 all

February 18th

Blocks 2,4,6—Complete Chapter 7 Test Review. Test on next class period.

Blocks 3,7—none

February 16th -17th

Blocks 3 and 7–complete Chapter 7 Test Review.  Test on Friday.

2/17 Blocks 2,4,6—finish foldable if not completed during class. Study for Chapter 7 Test.  Use Test Review.  Test on Tuesday.

February 14th-15th

Blocks 2,4, and 6—-p. 356, #’s14-26even.  Remember to make a table of values and graph your function.  Quiz on next class period. 

Blocks 3 and 7—–p. 387, #’s 17-22 all   p. 393, #’s 14-36 even

Test on Friday on Sections 7.1-7.2  and 7.7-7.8

February 8th and 9th

p. 356,  #’s 14-26 even. Graph the polynomial function using a table of values and identify the relative minimum and maximum.

Quiz on Section 7.1 and solving quadratics using the quadratic formula, completing the square, and equal square(perfect square) methods.

February 4th and 7th

p. 350,  #’s 16-24even       p. 351  #’s 39-44 all

February 2 and 3

Quadratic Formula/Completing the Square/Equal Square Worksheet.  Complete only the problems that are circled.

January 24th-January 31

Study for Midterm Exam.

January 20th-21st

Midterm review #’s 25-43 all.  Quiz on next class period.

January 19

Midterm review #’s 1-24 all.  Quiz on radical equations and complex numbers on next class.

January 18(Blocks 2,4,6,7)

Midterm review–#’s 1-24 all. 

January 14-18

p. 274, #’s  18-40 even

January 12-13

p. 839 #’s 2-8 even 22-23

January 11th

Block 2,3,4–study for test on Chapter 5. Test on next class period. Vocabulary quiz on 1/13-14.

Blocks 6 and 7

p. 839,  Section 5-8,  #’s 2-8 even ,  22-23.  Vocabulary quiz on 1/13

January 7th and 10th

Study for test on Chapter5

January 5  and 6th

p. 261, #’s 4-40 even

Vocabulary quiz on January 13th and 14th

January 3 and 4(even-odd)

Practice worksheet on simplifying radical expressions by multiplying and dividing

December 22nd

Have a wonderful holiday break!!!!

December 20th-December21st

p. 248, #’s 16-24 even

December 14

Blocks 2,4,6—-study for test on chapter 5. Test tomorrow. Use your review sheet.

Block 7:  p. 248, #’s 16-48 even

December 10-13(odd-even)

Study for Chapter 5 Test on polynomials.  Use Review sheet. Test on December 15-16.

December 6-7(odd-even)

Multiplying polynomials puzzle.  Print from blog.

December1 and 2(even-odd)

p. 837,  Lesson 5-3, #’s 2-22 even.  Omit  number 4

November 29-30

pp.236-237,  #’s 16-42even;   Quiz on dividing polynomials on 12/3.

November 17-18(odd-even)

p. 231, #’s 8-32even.   Quiz on sections 5.1 and 5.2 on Monday and Tuesday( 11/22-11/23).

November 15-16(odd-even)

p. 226, #’s 18-26 all. Use the notes that you took during class today.

November 8-9

Study for nine weeks test. Test on 9 and 10. Study guide due.

Review booklet due as well.

November 3-4

Study for your nine weeks test.  Use your review. Complete the Linear programming problems on pp. 132, #’s 3-7 odd.

October 29-November1

Graphing handout on linear systems.  Start working on your nine weeks test review.  A copy is posted on my website.

October 26-27

p. 105,  Chapter 2 Practice Test.  Test on next  class period.

p. 104—Special Function problems


Block 7—p.98-#’s 14-24even

Blocks 2,3,4,6–finish writing equations ws-

Blocks 4 and 6-Make a scatterplot of the data collected on number of siblings and the number of cars.

October 18-19

Complete the worksheet on writing equations of a line

October 15

Block 7–finish the x and y-intercept worksheets if  you did not do so during the class period.  We will start scatter plots on next class.

Blocks 2, 3,4, 6-  Quiz on functions on next class period.  Complete p. 79, #’s 24-38 even.

October 13-14

Study for quiz on functions and graphing of functions.

Binder check on next class period.

Please bring necessary supplies to class daily.

October 3

Geometry—flash cards of your Unit 1 vocabulary words(list was on board). Due on Wednesday.

October 1 and 3

Study for Test on Chapter 1.  Test on Monday and Tuesday of next week.  Use your review sheet


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