Is a rectangle a square or is a square a rectangle?

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You will be able to answer this question and many others once we have goes over the next two sections of Chapter 6. You will make a graphic organizer to compare and contrast rectangles, squares, and rhombuses.

Your next quiz will be on quadrilaterals and parallelograms(Sections 6.2 and 6.3) next week. Remember to place all of your notes in your foldable. Review the them nightly.

Difference of squares

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I am sure that you have enjoyed the many methods of factoring trinomials. We are presently discussing how to factor trinomials using the difference of squares method. You were given the four steps to apply before solving your problems: 1) Is there a GCF?  2) Is the first term a perfect square? 3) Is the second term a perfect square 4) Is there a subtraction( difference) sign involved?  If the answer to all four is yes, you may use the difference of squares method. Remember that you are only allowed to use this method when there are two terms and a subtraction sign.  Quiz is upcoming.


Factoring Trinomials of the form when a >1

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We have completed our discussion on factoring trinomials when a =1 and an assessment has been given. Starting on Wednesday, we will discuss how to factor trinomials when “a” >1. A subsequent amount of notes will be given on each class period with various methods to factor the trinomials. We will go over the trial and error, slip and slide, and the graphing method to factor. After the review of each method, students may use either one of the methods on the assessment.

Polygons and Quadrilaterals Unit

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We will start the polygon/quadrilateral unit on Wednesday. Students will be required to use the Polygon and Angle Sum Theorem, Polygon Exterior Angle Sum Theorem, and the Corollary to the Polygon Angle-Sum Therorem. This in found in Section 6-1 from the textbook. They will also learn about the properties of Parallelograms. Vocabulary will also be stressed.

3rd nine weeks

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We have began the 3rd nine weeks.  In Geometry, we are  learning trigonometric functions. Testing on trigonometry will occur on Monday.We will start the unit on parallelograms next week.

Students in Algebra1 Pt2 are finishing up factoring using the GCF method and factoring trinomials. There is a quiz on factoring at the beginning of next week.