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First nine weeks test

October 27th, 2011 · No Comments

Geometry–The first nine weeks test is on November 4th.  Students receive a review packet on October 26th.  The review will be divided up in 3 homework assignments. Students will have an assessment after completion of each assignment. Remember to pay attention during each review session and ask questions if needed.  A quiz on construction , laws of syllogism, detachment, and contrapositive will be given on Wednesday.

Algebra1–Blocks 5 and 7 will take their nine weeks test on November 3 and 2 respectively.  Students receive a nine weeks review packet on Tuesday and Wednesday, 10/26-10/27.  Review will be done each class period with an assessment at the end of the class.   The Chapter 6 test on systems is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday.

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Upcoming quizzes

October 5th, 2011 · No Comments

There is a vocabulary quiz in Geometry on October 7th.  You should have made flashcards from the words that were listed on the board. It will be matching. Also, you will have a quiz on next Tuesday on parallel lines and their relationship to angles. 

There is a vocabulary quiz in Algebra 1 pt2 on Friday(10/7)Block s 6 and 7   and Monday(10/10) Block 5.  Review using your flashcards.  If you did not show them to me today, they are due no later than tomorrow.

Block 7 will have a quiz on Functions and relations on Monday.

Remember to look over your notes nightly and practice with the odd-numbered problems on the concepts that we have covered.

Tags: Algebra 1 · Geometry