Conics Project

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I am impressed with the effort that so many of you put into your Conics projects. I am sure that you learned alot by the requirement to find/draw a picture that contained each conic and graph the drawing with the equivalent equations.  Keep up the good work.

Rational Expressions

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We have started multiplying and dividing rational expressions. This week we will continue with adding and subtracting rational expressions. You will notice that the rules are the same as simplifying fractions with the same denominators and different denominators. You will also be using the rules for factoring binomials and trinomials. Review your notes on these concepts.

You will receive the 3rd nine weeks review on Friday(odd) and Monday(even).  Start working on the problems as soon as possible.  The nine weeks test will be on April 4(odd) and April 5(even).

Chapter 8 Test

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Your Chapter 8 Test is scheduled for 3/17(odd)  and 3/18(even).   The chapter 8 conics review is due as well.

Conics Project Rubrics

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I am attaching the rubric for the conics project.  Remember that it is due on March 23rd and March 24th.ConicSectionsProjectAlgebra2BC_CullisonMarch2010

Chapter 8 Review (conics)

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The Chapter 8 Test is on March 17th(Odd) and March 18th(Even ).  I am attaching a conics

Progress Reports

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We are half way through the 3rd nine weeks.  Progress reports will be given out on Monday for odd blocks to students who do not have access to Parent Connection.  Even blocks, please see me on Monday if you did not get a report and do not have access to your grades from home.