Amber Nachman's 2nd Grade Class

Math Group Update

This week my math group will be focusing on review skills in preparation for our last math mid-point test.  We will begin testing on Wednesday and end on Friday.

Social Studies Power Point Review

Social Studies Vocabulary Review Part 2[1]  This is a simple power-point review with vocabulary words.  It will prompt you with the vocabulary word and then give your student time to answer.

Spelling Words 5/9-5/13

Spelling:   Spelling for this week will end our focus on “r” controlled vowels.  This week we are learning about “ur”.  Please remember your student’s homework is due on Friday.

Red and Yellow Groups:  turn, burn, hurt, church, sure, pure, curve, nurse, pretty, beautiful

Green Group:  burst, curl, hurl, cure, lure, purse, urge, community, trouble, right

Orange Group:  churn, curb, blurt, cure, lure, purge, lurch, community, trouble, right