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Report cards will be distributed on the last day of school.  Along with the report card, you will get their SOL test scores and other important documents (Math SOLO report, 4th NW English Test report, EOY Science test report, MAP report for Reading and Math).  If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. If a student is absent on Friday, you can pick up their report card on Monday at the school office.

Over the summer, I STRONGLY suggest that you require them to read on a regular basis (they can sign up for the local library club) and practice on Reading Eggs.  Furthermore, if they have not yet mastered their multiplication facts they MUST know them for 5th grade.  This past week we have learned some 5th grade skills for math and today I sent their math workbooks home so they could practice pages we didn’t do this year.  Finally, do not forget they have access to IXL over the summer to practice math and can even start exploring 5th grade skills.

It has been a pleasure being your child’s teacher this year and I wish them well.  Thank you for all your continued support this year.

Mrs. Gibson

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The last Braves Bill store will be held on Tuesday, June 10th.  I had originally sent out information stating it would be on the 9th, but it was changed due to testing.  This will be the students last opportunity to use their Braves Bills.  Any unused cannot be used next school year.

The Braves Bills should be bundled in sets of 5, and if this is done at home it makes things easier.

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The fourth grade team is planning our end of the year celebration. We would like to have a breakfast and movie time for the students. We will be having our celebration on Thursday, June 12th. We are asking that each student bring in $2 (no later than Tuesday, June 10th). The cost will help purchase the food for the celebration.

Also, remember that next week, we will have full days of school. Report cards will be issued on Friday, June 13th, our last day of school.

Thank you, in advance, for your help in making our end of the year celebration a success!

(a note with this information went home today with students)

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It’s hard to believe there are only 10 more days of school.  Despite it being the end of the year, students still are working hard on assignments and testing on Science Monday, June 9th.  They will continue to have homework this week, but not next week.

Please make sure they are studying for the Science EOY test by using the study guides that have went home, blog links, and INB.

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We have one more major test which is scheduled for June 9th.  It is the end of the year Science test and will include all the SOL’s covered this year.  While this isn’t a state SOL test, it is a city SOL assessment.  Please make sure students are studying on a nightly basis using their review booklets, interactive notebooks, and blog links.

A flyer went home with students today listing upcoming ceremony dates.

4th grade End of Year Ceremony is scheduled for 2 p.m. on June 11th

The last day to redeem braves bills will be on June 9th.

Unlike years past, there are no early release days for the rest of the year.  The last day of school is Friday, June 13th.

We are planning a 4th grade celebration for the end of the year, but it will not be held on this date.  Information will be coming home soon regarding this event.

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There has been some discussion from students regarding not attending school on Memorial Day.  Memorial Day is a regular school day this year because we had to make up so many snow days.

Moreover, the students will be taking their last city reading benchmark test that day.  Students that do not attend school on Monday, May 26th will have to make up the test either on Tuesday or Friday since we are taking the Math SOL on Wednesday and Thursday.  I wanted to point out that Tuesday we have planned an exciting event with Mad Science and I would hate for anyone to miss it.

I am aware that families made previous plans before Memorial Day became a make up day, but I have also heard some students say their parents aren’t making them attend because of other reasons.  Regardless, I wanted you to be aware of the situation regarding testing and our special event Tuesday.

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This week the students were provided the mock test they took last month with a print out of the grade which detailed how they did on each SOL.  I informed students to use this as a guide to know which items they needed to put extra effort into practicing at home when they are preparing.

Today the students were provided a VDOE Practice booklet that we will be using for homework up until the actual test next week.  They were instructed on which SOL’s they could NOT use a calculator to solve.  We will be going over these in class the day after the night they have homework.  Please remind students to keep them safe in their backpack after they do their homework so they will have them in class to review.  They were provided an answer key, but instructed only to use it if they were absent from checking their homework one day.

The links I posted on the blog are great resources because they are the closest thing we have that is similar to the test they will take next week.  However, if they are weak in specific skills they should be practicing those more often on Study Island or IXL or both.

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Just a remind that this Thursday, May 22nd is the Reading SOL test and next Monday, May 26th is the last Reading Benchmark.  There are links below that will allow your child to practice for these test.


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