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2010 School Year Upon Us

Welcome studnets, parents, and visitors,

Here you will find homework assingments, projects, math information, and more. Communicate with me here through the blog or contact me by email at Can’t wait to get started and remember:    “Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is.”     — Vince Lombardi  

See you soon.

Some math websites for more PRACTICE!!!

Here are some websites that will aid in the practice of some of the skills and concepts we are learning.,,

I will gather a list and put it down on paper so that you will have the list at home to utilize at your convenience. It is is a nice alternative to practicing with paper and pencil. Have a great night and upcoming weekend.

Homework for week of 9/14

Monday  — decimal and fraction operations handout, Tuesday — TB page 212 — 14 -38 evens, p. 213 — 48 – 56,

Wednesday–p. 218 16 – 36 evens, p. 222 12 – 32 evens, Thursday — Handout on fraction/percent/decimal relationships.

Friday — have a great weekend

First Quiz Tuesday 9/22/09 on decimal, fraction, and percent conversions.   Please make sure your student shows all work on homework and does his or her work in PENCIL. Thank you for your support and let’s make this a Great Year. Overall, a fantastic first week of school!!!

9/9/09 Beware the day of Nines

Read over Math expectations letter with parents or guardians. Answer qeustions on back and sign bottom. Reurn on Thursday and get ready to start digging into the curriculum.

September 8, Homework

Write a personal letter to Mr. Whalen. Include at least three paragraphs in the letter, with at least 5 sentences in each paragraph telling me about you. Suggested ideas to include are hobbies, interests, family, thigns you have done, pets you have, and anything else you can think of to help me know you better. Include all 5 parts of a friendly letter.


Have a great weekend and come ready to learn on Tuesday.

Open house a Success

It was such a great night meeting parents and students. I am fully energized after meeting most of you tonight and look forward to getting started this Tuesday. I can tell this will be a spectacular year and I hope you feel the same enthusiasm as we prepare to get under way on Tuesday. Enjoy your holiday weekend and I will see you on Tuesday.

New Quiz Date

Due to the unforeseen circumstances today at school, I have chosen to move the quiz back to next Tuesday. I will lengthen the quiz to 30 questions and the quiz will include surface area and volume of prisms and cylinders, probability including theoretical probability, experimental probability, tree diagrams, and the fundamental counting principle, algebraic expressions — translating them from verbal sentences and expressions to algebraic expressions and equations, the coordinate plane, and identifying equations, expressions, and inequalities. The study guide for the third nine weeks and the 2nd nine weeks would be great resources to study from for this quiz.  Have a great weekend and let’s rock this quiz and test next week.

Thought for the day!!!

Those who wander are not always lost. No more reasons to be lost in homework or project updates though because now if you can access the internet, you can access your math assignments.

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