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Environmental Science 1st Semester Assignments

1st Semester 2018

  • 9/4 CW  Save Fred Inquiry lab
  • 9/6 CW Part 1  M M Lab and Scientific Method
  • 9/10 (No weighed grade)  Pre-Assessment for Environmental Science
  • 9/10-20 Inquiry Lab Group Project for Environmental Science Students using Scientific Method  (Presentation 9/14)-Test grade
  • 9/18 Scientific Method Quiz  (look at notes to help you study- 10 Matching)
  • 9/24 1st 12 Vocabulary words are due (all on Scientific Method)-HW
  • 9/24 CW Scientific Method Workstations (4)
  • 9/28 HW next 14 Voc. cards due (energy)
  • 9/28 CW Atmospheric Graphing Lab Due AtmosphericStructureandGraphingLABAthGradeFavorite (1)
  • 10/2 HW Write down 5 Exothermic and 5 Endothermic Reaction Processes-Will need to do research to find these.
  • 10/2 HW grade:  Write on a sheet of paper the following associated with the Atmosphere Project:
    • Name (if individual) or Group members (if in a group)
    • Sun, Water molecule, or Rock
    • Poem,  Comic Strips, or Story
  • 10/4 HW Rest of set one  of notes Voc. cards due
  • 10/4 Energy Quiz -Matching and Short answer
  • 10/4 The Atmosphere Project Quiz and HW grade due date
  • 10/8 Test 1 Scientific Method, Energy, and Introduction to Biology (study all of set 1 notes)
  • 10/16-Element Project due Quiz grade Element Project for Environmental Science Classes 
    • Presentations are 10/16
  • 10/18 HW Voc. cards Second set of notes to the word system to mixture
  • 10/18 CW Atmosphere Bell ringer (review for Atmosphere layer quiz on Monday)
    • In order list the 5 Atmospheric layers from the ground up
    • Then write the most important fact about each layer
  • 10/18 CW Science Nature Log #1-Please wear appropriate attire-going outside
    • Write down everything you see and hear as we travel around the school-Roughly 15-20 minutes-if absent do this at home-abiotic and biotic factors
    • Include Log#1, the date, and weather conditions
  • 10/22 Atmosphere Layer Quiz
  • 10/22 Set up Long term Eco-Closed System Lab-Please wear appropriate attire-Going outside
  • 10/24 HW Voc. cards Second set of notes Atmosphere System to Cryosphere
  • 10/30 HW Rest of Vocabulary cards
  • Nov.1st-1st 9 weeks Exam  1st 9 weeks Environmental Science Test Study Guide


2nd 9 weeks