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Ecology 1st semester Assignments


 1st 9 weeks 2018/2019  

  • 9/7 (Grade will not be weighed) Pre-Assessment for Ecology
  • 9/7  CW “Hierarchy of Life Pyramid”  Make a triangle and include the names of each level in the hierarchy.  Then draw the definition of each word.  (Use Colored pencils)-Need computer paper
  • 9/11  HW Abiotic vs. Biotic List (10 words each-No Human names)
  • 9/11  (Due date) CW Introduction to Environmental Science Foldable
  • 9/17 (Due date)  CW Water Cycle Poster
  • 9/19 HW Introduction to Environmental Science Vocabulary  (See Fill in the Blank Notes for the list of words)
  • 9/19 Introduction to Environmental Science Quiz
  • 9/21 Water Cycle and Abiotic vs. Biotic Factors Quiz
  • 9/25 (Test grade)Biosphere III Project
  • 9/27 Test #1 

Oct. 1st CW Virtual Lab The Nonliving Environment “How do Organisms React to Changes in Abiotic Factors?” (Using Laptops)

                        Paper Title, Chart Title, Graph Title (20 points)
                       Raw Data (18 points)
                       Data Table (18 points)
                       Graph (Use three different colors for line 
                       graphs and label all parts) 32 points
                       Questions (#1-6) 12 points

10/3 CW You will do three locations Ecology Outdoor Plotting of an Area Lab 2017

  • Observations 20 points
  • Raw Data 25 points
  • Results 30 points
  • Analysis 10 points
  • Conclusion 5 points
  • Correct Order 10 points
  • 10/5  Graphing HW Food Production in the Saltbush plant-student copy  Make a line graph with all the parts labeled (include copying the Data table)
    • Paper title (10 points)
    • Chart and Chart title (15 points)
    • Spacing (5 points)
    • X and Y axis (10 points)
    • IV and DV (10 points)
    • Subtitles and units (20 points)
    • Line graph (30 points)
  • 10/5 CW Introduction to Natural Resources Activity
  • 10/8 Scientific Method Quiz 
  • 10/8 HW Vocabulary Cards due (2nd set)
  • 10/8-10/10 CW Invasive Species Group Activity -Multi-activity sheets (some are classroom sets only) and the following questions:
    • Define Native species
    • Define Nonnative species
    • Define Invasive species
    • What is the difference between Nonnative and Invasive Species?
  • 10/17 HW Heterotrophs Poster2015 HWK
  • 10/17  CW  Food Web Group Activity
    • Food chain
      • Set up-20 points
      • Proper arrows-5 points
      • Trophic and types properly labeled-10 points
    • Food Web
      • Set up-25 points
      • Proper arrows-5 points
      • Trophic and types properly labeled-10 points
    • Energy Pyramid
      • Proper order-15 points
      • Percentages correct-10 points
  • 10/17 -10/19 Quiz grade Cycles Workstations due  (Need handouts to do each workstations)
1.  Carbon Cycle-Carbon on the Move Activity  (25 points)
2.  Nitrogen Cycle-Nitrogen Molecule Activity (25 points)
3.  Phosphorus/Sulfur Cycles-  Worksheet and  
             draw the Phosphorus and Sulfur Cycles (50 points -30 for the drawings and 20 for the
  • 10/19 HW Food Web Worksheet due (must obtain from class)
  • 10/22 CW (6th Block) Cycles Worksheet 2015
  • 10/25 HW Succession Worksheet Succession Homework 2015 (only do one copy)
  • 10/25-10/31 Will start with going outside 10/25   Schoolyard Microenvironment Group Activity -Replacing 1st 9 weeks Test (Must pick up materials from the teacher)  
  • 10/31 Food Web and Succession Quiz
  • 10/31 HW Cycles/Food chains/Webs/Succession  Vocabulary Cards
  • 10/31 Biogeochemical Cycles Quiz
  • 11/2 Test -Cycles/ Food Chains/ Food Webs/ and Succession Test    


 2nd Nine weeks

  • 11/7 CW create-your-own-creature
  • 11/9 CW Predator-Prey simulation Activity -Make a hypothesis, Make Chart (include chart title), and answer the two questions  Alternate assignment if absent:  A 2 page handwritten report on how predators and prey interact and how do their populations change
  • 11/14  HW Symbiosis Activity 2018
  • 11/14 CW Deer predation or Starvation Lab
  • 11/19  Survival Relationship Vocabulary Cards
  • 11/19 Symbiosis Quiz
  • 11/21 Survival Relationship Test   
  • 11/27-11/29 Quiz grade  Acid Precipitation Lab acid-precipitation-lab-2015 Alternate assignment if absent: 2 page handwritten report on what is acid precipitation? and how does it effect the environment including buildings, cars, homes, etc.
  • 12/3 Quiz grade    Weathering and Erosion Observational Lab    If absent -Explore your home area and follow directions
  • 12/5 1st set of Weathering and Erosion Vocabulary -Last word is leaching
  • Start 12/5  due 12/7 Quiz grade  Changes in the Earth Systems Activities
  • 12/7  Weathering and Erosion QUIZ
  • 12/11 QUIZ Grade:  SOIL LAB   Ecology Soil Lab (groups of three or four) –Students need to bring soil samples to class.  Alternate assignment if absent:  2 page handwritten report on what are the biological and chemical aspects of soil and how do inadequate chemical levels in the soil effect plants and the environment around them. 
  • 12/13 HW Nutrient Maze (Handout-Must get from teacher)
  • 12/13 HW Rest of Voc. cards due
  • 12/13 Changes in the Earth Systems Quiz
  • 12/17-Weathering and Erosion/Changes in the Earth Systems Test
  • 12/17-12/19 Multiple CW grades (In pairs or individual) Changes in Latitude/Biome Climates Worksheets-Do not write on the activity (Can only obtain in the classroom)
    • Reindeer of St. Matthew Data Activity
    • Page 71:  answer questions and need graph paper for graphing part.
    • Page 72:  Determine My Location and compare to Location A-D –Do not graph this part
    • Page 73:  Look at the four Climatographs and answer questions 1-5 only
  • 12/19-1/2 CW Climatographs activity Individual activity (Can only obtain in the classroom)












  • 1/3-1/4 CW-Forest Biome Activity 2018-2019
  • HW due Jan. 18th (Odd) and Jan. 19th (Even) Voc. Cards on forest biomes
  • HW due Jan. 22nd (Odd) and Jan. 23rd (Even) Recipe card with at least one item from the Sustainable Rainforest Products list (in classroom only)-extra credit bring in the Recipe card and the dish for all to share  rain-forest-foods items
    • Directions for recipe card:  3 x 5 index card: Write ingredients on one side (75 points) and directions (25 points) on the other side.  Please Highlight Rainforest ingredients you are using
  • 1/24-1/25 Forest Test 
  • Midterms
    • Midterm Study Guide-no grade but a great Guide to help you study Ecology Midterm Study Guide 2015-2016
    • 2nd Block-Jan. 31st at 8:25
    • 3rd Block -Feb. 1st at 8:25
    • 5th Block-Feb. 1st at 10:25
    • 7th Block -Feb. 2nd at 8:25
  • 1/26-1/29 CW Grassland Activity (cards are in my classroom only) Grassland Group Activity 2016 (Individual or small group of 3)
  • Test grade see 2nd semester for due date Biome Poster Project 2015-2016