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Ecology 2nd Semester Assignments

Ecology 2nd Semester

3rd 9 weeks 2019






  4th 9 weeks

2nd Block:

Fossil Fuel Quiz May 29th

Nuclear Energy Quiz May 31st

Alternative Energy Quiz June 4th

Energy Test June 8th


3rd,  5th, and 7th Blocks:

Fossil Fuel Quiz May 30th

Nuclear Energy June 1st

Alternative Energy Quiz June 5th

Energy Test June 7th  

6/4-6/6 Blocks 2 and 7 only CW Outdoor Furniture activity-all

6/6-6/7 Blocks 3 and 5 first page only (omit question 4) -CW

6/8-6/11 Group Activity “The Real Cost”-CW


Final Exams Ecology Final Exam Study Guide 2018-No grade but all students should look at the questions to help prepare them for the Exam.  

  • 2nd Block June 12 at 8:25
  • 3rd Block June 13 at 8:25
  • 5th Block 2nd Exam on June 13
  • 7th Block 2nd Exam on June 14