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Ecology 2nd Semester Assignments

Ecology 2nd Semester

3rd 9 weeks 2018

2/9-2/12 Presentations (Work with computers in class on Feb. 7-8) Quiz grade  Desert Activity 2018 

  • Start on 2/9-2/12 and due no later than 2/13-2/14 (Quiz grade) Tundra Workstations (Needed materials are in the classroom only)
  • 2/15-2/16 Tundra, Desert, and Grassland  QUIZ
  • 2/19-2/20 Tundra, Desert, and Grassland Test
  • 2/21-2/22 Biome Poster Project 2017-2018  Test grade due 
  • 2/21-2/26 2CWs:  Chesapeake Bay Graphing activity and Chesapeake Bay Food Web assignment  -Group activities (Individual or 2  to 3 people per group)
  • 2/27-2/28 HW Characteristics-of-Freshwater-and-Marine-water-Ecosystems-Homework-2018 (1)
  • 2/27-2/28 CW Read and Answer Questions on #1 Fresh water ecosystem Worksheet (Only found in class)
  • 2/27-2/28 CW Read and Answer Questions on #2 Marine Water Ecosystem Worksheet (Only found in class)
  • 2/27-2/28 CW Virginia’s Watersheds Map Activity (only found in class)
    • Color in and label the following Rivers:  Shenandoah, Potomac, Rappahannock, York, James, Appomattox, Nansemond, Meherrin, Nottaway, Blackwater, Roanoke, New, Clinch, and Holston
    • Color the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean
    • Identify the States on the Map
    • Color the Watersheds:  Atlantic, Chesapeake Bay, Mississippi, NC Sounds, and the Yadkin River Basin
  • 3/5 -3/6   QUIZ grade due Freshvs.MarineBiomeDrawingAssignment doc (Aquatic Biome Project)
  • 3/7 -3/8 2HWs Presentations Create a News Article about an Ocean -Students must sign up for a specific Ocean and then complete the assignment and present on due date (One grade for having the information and one grade for the details, creative, and presentation)
  • 3/9-3/12  HW Aquatic Biome Vocabulary Cards due
  • 3/13-3/14 Quiz Grade   Wetland Alphabet Group Activity Presentations
  • 3/14 (2nd Block)-3/15 (other classes) Fresh and Marine Biome Quiz
  •  3/16 (2nd and 7th Blocks)-3/19 (Other classes) Aquatic Biome Test (Study Fresh and Marine water Notes and PPTs) 
  • CW due 3/16 (2nd Block) and 3/19 (other classes)  Human Societies 3 Way Foldable
  • CW 3/20 (2nd Block)-3/21 (other classes) Human Population Growth Activity (Need Worksheet from teacher)  Add the following data:  2008= 6.7 b, 2012=7.0 b, and 2016=7.3 billion
  • CW 3/20 (2nd Block) and other classes 3/21 (other classes) Exponential Growth Activity
  • HW due 3/26 (2nd Block and 7th)  and 3/27 (other classes) Population Voc. cards
  • CW Need graph Paper Age-structure Diagram 2017 population activity due 3/26 (2nd Block)  -3/27 (Odd classes)
  • Post Assessment Test (Covers 1st, 2nd, and 3rd 9 weeks material) 3/29-3/30


  4th 9 weeks

2nd Block:

Fossil Fuel Quiz May 29th

Nuclear Energy Quiz May 31st

Alternative Energy Quiz June 4th

Energy Test June 8th


3rd,  5th, and 7th Blocks:

Fossil Fuel Quiz May 30th

Nuclear Energy June 1st

Alternative Energy Quiz June 5th

Energy Test June 7th  

6/4-6/6 Blocks 2 and 7 only CW Outdoor Furniture activity-all

6/6-6/7 Blocks 3 and 5 first page only (omit question 4) -CW

6/8-6/11 Group Activity “The Real Cost”-CW


Final Exams Ecology Final Exam Study Guide 2018-No grade but all students should look at the questions to help prepare them for the Exam.  

  • 2nd Block June 12 at 8:25
  • 3rd Block June 13 at 8:25
  • 5th Block 2nd Exam on June 13
  • 7th Block 2nd Exam on June 14