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Ecology 2nd Semester Assignments

Ecology 2nd Semester

3rd 9 weeks 2019






  4th 9 weeks

  • 4/23 Extra credit Quiz grade   Earth Day is Monday 4/22.  Do something good for the environment during Spring Break.  Then take a picture documenting the activity.  Lastly, send be an email (with the picture and a brief statement of what you did.) 
  • Due 4/25 EndangeredSpeciesStudyProject-2019 Test grade  (Must use 3 to 5 sources for the Work Cited Page) 
  • 4/29 Biodiversity Quiz 
  • Due no later than 5/1 Nutrition Diary Assignments 2019 (Includes a Quiz grade, Classwork grade, and two Homework grades) -due at the beginning of class 
  • 5/1 Nutrition Quiz 
  • Quiz grade Due 5/7  Energy Workstations 2019
  • 5/9 Fossil Fuel Quiz   
  • 5/13 Nuclear Energy Quiz    
  • 5/16 Water Usage Homework 2016  due for 2nd Block and 5/23 for 6th Block

Alternative Energy Quiz -different dates for classes  Smart House Activity 2018 –CW  –Same day

  • 2nd Block May 16th (Juniors and Seniors)
  • 6th Block May 22 (Juniors and Seniors)

Water Usage Quiz-Different dates for classes and Energy Test on Same Day Beachfront Property Activity 2017 (Group Activity-Need Activity material-must be done in class)

  • 2nd Block May 17th (Juniors and Seniors)
  • 6th Block May 23rd (Juniors and Seniors)

Due 5/28  HW  Pollution Blog Homework Assignment 2016

5/28 Pollution Test (Junior and Seniors) 

  • Senior Exams are May 30-June 4  Ecology Final Exam Study Guide 2018: Seniors exempt from doing Study Guide but should look at it you are taking it.
    • Find out if exempt on May 28th 
  • Senior Exams
    • May 30th 6th block at 11:50-2 
    • June 3rd 2nd Block at 8:25-10:05







6/4-6/6  only CW Outdoor Furniture activity-all


6/8-6/11 Group Activity “The Real Cost”-CW


Junior Final Exams Ecology Final Exam Study Guide 2018-Test grade  

  • 2nd Block
  • 6th Block