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Chemistry Notes


Chemistry Chapter 1 Notes 2017 updated (Includes Significant Digits, Percent Error, SI units, Temperature conversions, and Scientific Notation)

Graphing Notes

Scientific Method

Lab safety-In first packet of notes (Including Lab equipment)

Physical Separation of Mixtures Processes Notes 2017

Percent Error Notes

Density Notes 2017

Energy and Scientific Method Teacher Notes

Chemical and Physical Properties and States of Matter

Radioactivity & Quantum Theory (Includes alpha and beta radiation problems and half-life problem examples)

Half-life and types of radiation notes 2016

Periodic Table History (Includes Metals, nonmetals and metalloids)

The Periodic table Song

Periodic Trends

Introduction to Moles

Flow Chart I Naming compounds (Help to naming Ionic compounds)

Flow Chart II Naming Compounds (Help to naming Ionic compounds)

Ionic Bond Notes with key

Lewis Dot Diagram

Oxidation Numberstudent copy

Covalent Bonds for student 2016

VSEPR Theory

Bond Polarity Intermolecular forces 2017

Empirical and Molecular Formulas (Includes practice problems)

Percent Composition (Includes practice problems)

Naming of Acids and Bases (Includes Organic Chemistry Naming)

Chemical Reaction Equationsteacher (Balancing Chemical Equations and Types of Chemical Reactions)

Stoichiometry-Terms-and-Formulas 2017 (Teacher notes)

Limiting Reagent and Percent Yield Notes 2017  (Teacher notes)

Thermochemistry and Chemical Kinetics Notes (Teacher notes)

Gas Laws 2017 (Teacher notes)

Organic Chemistry2018 Teacher notes(Teacher copy of notes)

Le Chatelier principle 2018