Jan 21

3rd Grade QUEST

The 3rd Grade QUEST students have been hard at work planning and preparing for their virtual trip across the United States.  So far, the students have had to learn how to document expenses, write checks, fill out the checking account register, rent a car, and determine their itinerary.  They started this process with a virtual budget of $9,000 with which they must cover all of their expenses for food, hotels, gas, car rental, entertainment, and as of yet unknown emergencies.  As they travel eastward, they will visit their pre-chosen points-of-interest and work to arrive at their destination before their time has expired, or all of their money has been used.  Check back for updates of our journey.

Nov 14

VAST conference

Differentiation Strategies VAST conference


3rd grade 3.5 3.6 vocabulary (1)

4th grade weather game

Behavior and Physical Adaptations Jigsaw

Solar System RAFT

ThinkTacToe (3)

Tiered Lesson on 3 states of matter RAFT

Weather Tool Stations Tier 1



Weather Tool Stations Tier 2

Nov 03

Amazing Marlins Successful Tournament


The 2013 Amazing Marlins Robotics Team competed with eleven other elementary teams in the First Lego League Competition on November 2, 2013 at Crittenden Middle School in Newport News.  As a second year team, we were hoping to improved upon our results from last year.  Our team goal was to do our best, work as a team, and have fun.   The team worked hard to prepare and that hard work paid off with a first place trophy in the Core Values division of the competition.





What are First Lego League Core Values?  We are a team. We do the work to find solutions with guidance from our coaches and mentors. We know our coaches and mentors don’t have all the answers; we learn together. We honor the spirit of friendly competition. What we discover is more important than what we win. We share our experiences with others. We display Gracious Professionalism® and Coopertition® in everything we do. We have FUN!







Our team accomplished our goal at an exceptional level. Core Values is one of the most difficult areas to do well.  The best quote from one of our team members was “We came in as a team, and we will leave as a team.”



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Oct 30

Amazing Marlins Robotics Team

logoThe 2013-2014 Amazing Marlins Robotics team will be competing at the First Lego League Competition on Saturday, November 2 at Crittenden Middle School in Newport News, VA.  Our coaches are Liz Petry, Megan Farabaugh, Kari Maskelony, and Tayloe Brooks.  Our team captains are Erika Faith Crews, Aizaah George, and Emma Robinson.  Our team members include Cierra Turner, Alysha Johnson, Jamal Moser, Jimmy Wright, Alexis Rountree, Justin Holzhauer, and Kevin Harrell, Jr. Our team historian is Madison Grummere-Brown, and our alternates/apprentices are Sophie Marlin, Samari Stephens, and Thalia Bonte.  The Amazing Marlins team who is sponsored by a SPAWAR unit of the National Department of Defense has been hard at work for the last 6 weeks designing, building, and programming their Lego Mindstorms robots to accomplish the required FLL missions.  This year’s theme is Nature’s Fury and the robot missions are designed to investigate the affects of natural disasters on a community.  For example, their robot must move people, pets, and resources which are positioned all around the mission board to designated safe areas.  Additionally, the team was required to choose a natural disaster and create an innovative solution to help those in need in times of a disaster.  Our team created an Internet data base through which family members could log their location so that others could locate their missing friends and family. Finally, the team is evaluated on their ability to work together as team using Gracious Professionalism  throughout the event as part of FLL’s Core Values program

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