Week of May 24th

May 23rd, 2010

Dear Parents,

This is our last week of review before the SOL exams on the 2nd and 3rd of June. Everyday is essential. Please make sure your student is in school all this week and for our exams. We have a fun and exciting lesson planned each day!

No homework will be given as I would like the students to use thier time to prepare for SOL’s. This Thursday, May 27th will be my last tutoring day.

Thanks for all you do,

Jamie Pittman

Week of May 17

May 14th, 2010

Dear Parents,

This note will be short. Here are the homework assignments for this week:

Monday : p. 618 Lesson 12-2 #1-8 all.
Tuesday : p. 618 Lesson 12-2 #9-16 all.
Wednesday: p. 619 Lesson 12-5 #1-10 all.
Thursday: p. 619 Lesson 12-5 #11-20 all.

Please make sure your child is keeping up with his/her homework assignments. All assignments are given to improve their skills with practice. I never give busy work for homework. Please email me with any questions or concerns. Enjoy the beautiful weekend!

Gratefully yours,

Jamie Pittman


May 7th, 2010

Dear Parents,

There will not be much homework this week as the Mid-Point test is Thursday and Friday. Please note that after the Mid-Point we will be in review until the final SOL on the 2nd and 3rd of June. Please make sure that your student does not miss a day!

Monday: p. 472 #13-27 odd.
Tuesday: p. 472#12-26 even.

PS I do plan to offer tutoring this week. Students must be picked up at 3:30 as I have a medical appointment afterwards, please.

Thanks so much,

Jamie Pittman

Week of May 3rd

May 3rd, 2010

Daer Parents,

We are really coming down the home stretch in Math! This week and next your student will be learning about measurements in both the US Customary System and the metric system. You may wish to draw attention to household items that are listed in both ounces and grams or pints and liters, for example. The more you can share with your child how your understanding of measurements helps you in the “real” adult world the more significance you bring to math in your child’s life.

Nonetheless, homework this week will be review sheets. I only ask that my students complete one side of a worksheet per night, so if a worksheets has material printed on both sides the student has two days in which to complete his/her work. I am afriad that I will not be able to offer tutoring this week due to a meeting.

You will note that the later part of next week includes a mid-point test. After the mid-point we are reviewing for @ two weeks until we take the SOL exam on June 2-3. After that we cover only two SOL’s until the final 4th nine week exam. So….as I said…we are heading down the home stretch!


Jamie Pittman

Week of April 19th

April 16th, 2010

Dear Parents:

We are moving into the forth nine weeks this Monday. Your student should have brought you a pacing guide this weekend. Ask. I’m sure it’s crumbled up inside their bookbag!

For about the next week and a half we will be studying graphs, pie charts, line and bar graphs, etc. We will also study stem and leaf data as well as box and whiskers. I would like to make this unit as real to your student as possible.

Therefore, this week’s homework is to bring in one example of the three types of graphs we are studying this week: the pie chart, line and bar graphs. These can be downloaded from the internet or cut from a newspaper or magazine artilcle. Your student is to paste or tape these graphs onto notebook paper and put their name and bell on the paper.

Email me with any questions, please. The assignment is due Thursday, April 22.

Algebra Readiness testing will be conducted April 26th during our class time. It is a timed test. Your student’s score will not show up in GradeSpeed but is a measurement used to determine who is a candidate for Pre-Algebra next year. Those selected will receive acceptance letters over the summer.

Hope this helps!


Jamie Pittman

Week of March 29th

March 26th, 2010

Dear Parents,

Here are your student’s assignments for the week:

Monday – p. 565 #1-5 all.
Tuesday – p. 566 #6-13 all.
Wednesday – Quiz on 6.17
p. 581 #3-10 all.
Thursday – p. 598 Lesson 2-6 #1-11 odd.

Remember that after spring break we will have only one day of review and then the nine week test, so it might be good to have your student work a few practice problems over spring break.


Jamie Pittman

Week of March 22

March 22nd, 2010

Dear Parents,

My fruit trees are blooming! Thank God for spring and a fresh new start! Projects are due tomorrow. We are taking our 6 week test Monday and Tuesday, therefore there is no homework until Wednesday so that your student may study for the test and finish their project.

Wednesday: p. 566 #16-24 all.
Thursday: p. 623 (Lesson 14-4 #1-9 all.Thanks so much,

Jamie Pittman

Week of March 8th

March 6th, 2010

Dear Parents,

Thanks for sending your students to school this Saturday. Attendance was good considering the late notice.
Next week I will be sending home an information paper about a project your student will be completing on polygons. Please read over the requirements with your child and sign. The bottom portion is to be signed and returned to me by Friday the 12th. I will ask your student to commit to one of the choices for his/her project on Monday the 15th of March. This will give your student several days to mull it over in their mind and decide which option they like best. Final projects are due the 23rd of March. It is a fun project which has brought a great deal of success in the past!

I am happy to continue to provide tutoring on Thursday afternoons until 3:30 p.m. Please be considerate of my time, however and pick up your child by 3:30 p.m.

Homework for this week:
Monday: make flash cards for the vocabulary examples on p. 523. Put examples on the front and definitions on the back.

Tuesday: p. 621 Lesson 13-4 #1-8

Wednesday: get project assignment signed by parent.

Thursday: p. 622 Lesson 14-2 #1-8.

Thanks so much,

Jamie Pittman

Week of March 1st

February 27th, 2010

Dear Parents,

This week’s homework assignments will be light as your student will taking two benchmark tests this week, one for math and another for either science or history. Therefore, I am sending home a study guide on Monday and that will be it for the week. I don’t want to overburden the children, only give them an opportunity to practice before the test.

We will be taking a quiz Monday on the area and circumference of circles, followed by an on-line test for Tuesday and Wednesday on 6.23, 6.11 and 6.12.

Hope this helps,

Jamie Pittman

Week of Febraury 22nd

February 22nd, 2010

Dear Parents,

Monday we will create a few problems in area and perimeter of polygons and then solve our partner’s problems. We will conclude with a short quiz. The rest of week we will be studying circles and how to compute their area and perimeter.

Friday we will enjoy shopping at the Pittman Variety Store. Much thanks to Mr. Smith who donated many wonderful gifts for our store.

Homework for the week:
Monday: Geometry: Area of Rectangles
Tuesday: History of Pi
Wednesday: p. 602 (Lesson 4-6) 1-8 all.
Thursday: p. 602 (Lesson 4-6) 9-17 all.

Thanks so much,

Jamie Pittman